Are Democrats Preparing to Steal the Virginia Governor’s Election?

By J Robert Smith

  • Oct. 29, 2021
  • 2-min read

The latest polling from Fox News shows Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin vaulting to an eight-point lead over former Democrat governor Terry McAuliffe. The margin of error is plus or minus 3%.

A word of caution about the Fox News poll: it could very well be an outlier. Fox News said “irregularities” filled presidential state contests for Biden early on Election Night in 2020. Even if contests in key swing states were on the up and up, the presidential race proved razor thin, and the outcome was really a coin flip.

As reported by Liberty Daily, McAuliffe has made a hire that suggests his campaign expects a close finish with Youngkin. Who was hired speaks volumes.

From J.D. Rucker at the Liberty Daily, October 28:

“It all started when a report broke that McAuliffe was hiring Marc Elias, a Hillary Clinton operative who specializes in stealing elections for Democrats. Paying him $60,000 was bad optics for a campaign that has been fading quickly due to an onslaught of electoral missteps by McAuliffe down the homestretch. Hiring Elias is an admission that the campaign believes they will lose, so when requests for comment started coming in, the campaign panicked.”

McAuliffe has run a slack, gaffe-filled campaign.

He took for granted that in Democrat-run Virginia, he’d waltz to an election victory. Why waste energy being on his game? McAuliffe’s biggest miscalculation – not error, but deliberate positioning – has been siding with school boards and teachers’ unions against parents. Yeah, over curriculum. Teachers’ unions are big-time Democrat donors and provide grassroots workers to D campaigns. They’ve got an ownership stake in the Democrat franchise.

For all practical purposes, here’s what McAuliffe – an old Clinton flack – leftists on school boards, and leftwing teachers said: “Shut up, parents! How dare you even suggest that you have a say in your kids’ educations… in their curriculum… in anything that goes on in public schools. That’s our turf! Just shut up and pay your taxes. We’ll handle the heavy lifting. Oh, and if you squawk, if you dare come before us expressing sometimes passionate opposition to our crummy leadership and policies, we’ll sic the U.S. Department of Justice on you to go after you as domestic terrorists!”

Hello? We’re talking about parents – you know, the people with the kids who attend Virginia public schools… who pay the property taxes that underwrite public school systems and pay the salaries of the very people who want objecting parents branded terrorists! You know, parents – the people who God and nature gives primary responsibility to for the welfare, security, and nurturing of their kids. Imagine them feeling strongly about what’s right for their children. The nerve!

Democrats run the biggest, most populous counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Those counties – mostly in the northern Virginia DC suburbs – are where elections are decided. So, Democrats control the election process, for all intents and purposes. Mail-in balloting is very insecure and open to all sorts of mischief. Given the suspicions generated in swing states last year, we must, at least, entertain the possibility of “irregularities.”

But if Youngkin manages to win in a squeakier, expect McAuliffe and his team to come out, guns blazing. Democrats intend to win elections, hook or by crook.

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