Do You Believe That Right-Wing Activists are a Threat to America?

By Rob Meyne

  • Nov. 11, 2021
  • 2-min read

It is essential to the leftists pulling Biden’s strings for you to believe right-wing activists are a great threat to America. That is in spite of the fact that there have been zero large, deadly right-wing attacks since Oklahoma City. And that was one lunatic, not an organization.

The media and leftists/anti-Trumpers continue to call the January 6 riot “deadly,” implying that Trump supporters killed people. They did not. The only person killed was shot by a Capitol Hill police officer.

But they need Americans to be afraid, panicked, and blame their fellow countrymen. Generally, conservatives dislike the policies of leftists. The leftists dislike us.

In a nation this large and diverse, there will always be examples of bad conduct, on all sides of the political discourse. The question, however, is whether it can be substantiated that right wing violence is the main domestic threat. The quick answer is no.
Recently, the National Association of School Boards, working with the help of the White House, accused parents who attend school board meetings of being domestic terrorists. Attorney General Merrick Garland agreed. He directed the FBI to watch parents and look for crimes. Got it? The FBI is watching parents, rather than Muslim terrorists, ANTIFA, or BLM.

This was a clear, irrefutable attempt to coerce parents – people like you and me – to not take part in the management of the school corporations that run the schools attended y your children. They want you to be quiet and do what you are told.

When Congress asked Garland to give examples of the kind of violence he is targeting, he couldn’t give a single example. Not one. The FBI is simply being used as a political police force. This is the stuff of Cuba, not America.

Has there been violence by right-wingers who aren’t parents attending school board meetings? Sure. There have been crimes committed by, well, every political cohort. In 2020 there was several billion dollars in property damage, assaults, and murders of average citizens and police officers, carried out by anti-Trump far left extremists. The violence committed by the left dwarfed that of any other political group. Yet the left isn’t their target.

To get an idea of how much right-wing violence there is, we looked at a report by an organization that is no friend of conservatism. The Anti-Defamation League looked at right wing extremism over the past 25 years.

Their report identified 150 incidents, 255 deaths, and 600 injuries in 25 years. There were more incidents than that committed by leftists, anti-Trump activists, BLM, and ANTIFA in a single day in 2020. See ADL report, here.

In addition, the report counts as “terrorist acts” all the following: incidents of actual violence, attempted violence, plans that were never acted on, and even conspiracies that mention potential violence. Again, actual acts, attempted acts, plots, and conspiracies.
If you and five friends talked about doing something that would have been a terrorist act, even if it was not a serious discussion, it is included. So are acts by individuals who just had connections to right wing groups or simply supported right wing causes.

If a person who supports a right-wing group attacks someone, and there is even a remote way they can claim it was motivated by politics, they include it. There could not be a broader definition. The great majority of these cases were individuals acting on their own, and many might well not have been motivated by any political feelings at all.

We have to acknowledge, early and often, that no one defends violent actions committed in pursuit of a political agenda, no matter the motivation.

The ADL reports an average of 6 incidents a year. One terrorist death is too many. But perspective also matters. How worried should we be about right-wing extremists? About half as worried as we are about lightning. O K. That is intentionally silly, because we can’t do a lot about lightning, and we can about domestic terrorism. And we should.

But your president and his administration say right wing extremism, domestic terrorism, is our greatest threat. For comparison, the U. S. averages about 49 deaths a year from lighting. In other words, about eight times more people are killed by lightning than by conservative terrorists.

That is the greatest threat we face? Nonsense. They WANT you to think the right is a major threat. The evidence does not support the notion. If you just can’t get enough of this, there is another database, this of violence that is allegedly related to supporters of Donald Trump. Compiled by the Guardian, it is available here.

DHS continues to stir up fears about domestic, extremist terrorism. Quoting from the document: “As of November 10, 2021, DHS is not aware of an imminent and credible threat to a specific location in the United States.” Got it? They are telling you the risk is huge but have zero specific threats supporting that view.

Let’s conclude with this. Politicians talk for a living. If you look long enough, you will find things said by every one of them that they probably shouldn’t have said. For example, here is a list of examples of Democratic leaders advocating violence. There are thousands of such examples, from both sides. The point isn’t that one side is solely responsible for violence. The point most definitely is, however, that any rational and fair analysis shows that there is much more advocating of violence, and many more examples of it being carried out, on the left than on the right. In other words, the White House and Democratic leaders, yet again, want you to believe something that is inarguably false.

Dem leaders depend on keeping you afraid in order to get you to accept the unwise and unconstitutional acts they advocate. They think that, if you are afraid, you will accept loss of your liberty. Do us all a favor; prove them wrong.

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