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NEWSFEED THURSDAY: Impeachment: No Passes for Democrats who Hold Trump Districts

J Robert Smith

  • Oct. 3, 2019
  • 2 min read

Ms. Luria [D-VA] and other moderate Democrats backing impeachment are feeling the heat from conservative groups back home, complicating their reelection bids and giving Republicans hope for winning back seats lost in 2018 and retaking the House majority in 2020.

— The Washington Times, October 2, 2019


The mainstream media call them “moderate” or “centrist” Democrats. Nowadays, that means they’re a tad less left wing than other Democrats. These centrists represent districts that Donald Trump won in 2016. There are 31 in all. Six are on record for impeachment. The rest won’t say where they stand. They’re in binds. Their party’s base voters are rabid for impeachment. But Republican and independent voters aren’t. The centrists wish impeachment would disappear.
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