2020 Election Fraud is a Fact

By J Robert Smith

  • Apr 2
  • 1 min read

Well, yes, it happened, and fraud expert Jay Valentine remains hot on the trail. Some folks may say, “Does last year’s elections fraud matter now? Trump was deposed. Biden is in the White House. Democrats, the left, and plutocrats are trying to destroy our freedoms, ripping apart our social fabric, and wrecking the economy. Shouldn’t all that be our focus?”

It is the focus, but if we want to prevent the crime of historic elections fraud from happening again – and we’re talking about the 2022 midterms and then the 2024 presidential contests – we need to lay out the facts, get to the truth. Honest elections are a critical means of rescuing the nation.

Crimes were committed sufficient to plunge the country into the mess that Democrats are now creating. That mess has only begun. It’ll get worse before matters can get better. And matters will only get better if we fight armed with irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing last year.

So, I recommend Valentine’s latest analysis at American Thinker. Valentine provides an education on fraud in layman’s terms.

Democrats have worked hard to prevent the detective work. Some secretaries of state are trying to destroy evidence. Just as the left is working hard to erase American history. We can’t play into their hands on either count. Without the truth, without knowing and understanding our past, traveling ahead is like journeying through wilderness without a compass and map. Good luck.

Valentine’s article can be found here: American Thinker

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