To Preserve Liberty & Freedom,
Save Small Businesses

By Rob Meyne

  • Apr 8, 2021
  • 4 min read

Those who value freedom above everything but faith – and even practicing our faith requires us to be free – recognize we are at a crossroads. The current administration embraced a political platform in 2020 that is, hands down, the most anti-freedom, extreme document of its kind in U. S. history.

There is a correlation between the size, power, and role of government and the amount of personal freedom we have. The relationship is direct, clear, and inverse. A nation that is more leftist is less free. A country with a more powerful government has less freedom. A nation that is more conservative, with a smaller government, is freer. “Democratic Socialism,” like “Free Slavery,” is a contradiction in terms. There is no such thing. It is that simple.

With that in mind, we have been reviewing the top issues, the battles which must be fought, if we are to preserve our freedom. A focus today: we must once again become a champion of small business, working Americans, and the middle-class.

Democratic voters still talk as if they are supporters of the average American. They are very good at rhetoric, even when it is in complete conflict with their actual policies. Today’s Democratic Party owes its allegiance to political and academic elites, Wall Street contributors, and immensely powerful executives who manage the world’s largest tech companies. In recent election years, Democrats have received a lot more contributions from Wall Street than have the Republicans, and it isn’t close. Big tech and Hollywood are Democratic strongholds as well.

Everyone knows someone who votes in a way that doesn’t really comport with their values, self-interests, or the national interest. I have a close friend who is pro-life, pro-small business, wants to secure the border, and abhors high taxes and big government… but votes Democratic, anyway. It makes as much sense as putting Colonel Sanders in charge of the chicken coop or getting a personality transplant from Al Gore.

Our criticism is of Democratic Party leaders and their enablers in the media. Grassroots Democrats remain largely middle of the road, but their leadership has grown more leftist and socialist over the years. If their leaders ever reflected basic American values, they no longer do.

Small businesses, and the initiative, ability, and personal liberty that fuels them, are the foundation of a strong national economy. Most new jobs are created in small businesses, and that has been the case for many years. Companies like Apple get the headlines, but the small business just down the street, or maybe the one operated out of a home office next door, are the key generators of jobs growth.

Large corporations are supporting the Democratic agenda in greater numbers. For example, see here where an argument is made that big business is a lost cause for conservatives.

In 2018, there were more than thirty million small businesses in America, and they employed nearly half (47.5%) of all workers. The numbers in 2019 are very similar. Today, record numbers of small businesses say they have unfilled positions, suggesting robust growth is likely for months to come.

Small businesses are the foundation of a growing economy. Yet Democratic leaders are devoted to policies that burden all businesses with regulations, excessive taxation, and energy policies that will strangle them.

Small businesses and the middle class are inextricably linked, and both are under assault. The intention of our political elite, corporate chieftains, and the woke/politically correct media is to use racism, climate extremism, and class warfare to trample down the middle class, create a larger underclass dependent on government, and place our national hopes on a government of unprecedented size and power.

Do any priority issues of the new administration empower individuals, reduce taxes, or make government a smaller factor in our daily lives? I’ll save you the trouble. The answer is no. The Democratic agenda is not the friend of the individual, the small business, or the middle class.

Biden campaigned on a lie, specifically, that he was not going to raise taxes on anyone who made less than $400,000 a year but was also going to repeal Trump’s tax cuts. You can’t do both.

More recently, he has said households, not people, that make less than $400,000 will not see increases, but that is a moving target as well. He is also looking at raising capital gains, corporate taxes, and the estate tax, as explained here. As anyone who didn’t skip an entire semester of Econ 101 knows, all costs to businesses, small and large, are eventually passed on to consumers. You cannot raise corporate taxes without harming taxpayers.

In addition, most small businesses pay taxes as individuals, so any tax increases on personal income affect them directly. See here. Even if Biden clings to the magic “$400,000” parameter, most small businesses will be taxed at higher rates in Biden’s world. If you think “$400,000 is a lot of money for a small business to make, you’ve never run one. Biden talks about raising taxes for the rich, but his plans are to raise taxes on small businesses.

Unsurprisingly, yesterday, Jeff Bezos, the richest human being on the planet, announced he supports the huge spending and tax hikes Biden is proposing. America’s small business owners and managers have more in common with the guy who mows your yard, sells you fruit, or keeps your books than with the billionaires of Silicon Valley.

If you have the kind of money Bezos has, you probably aren’t worried about your freedom. The rest of us should be.

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