Facebook and Other Social Media Want Governmental Control, Censorship, and Power

By Rob Meyne

  • Oct. 28, 2021
  • 2-min read

Those who value our freedoms, above other political priorities, generally consider speech as the most important of them all. There is good reason for this.

People who are well-informed, open to different points of view, and even exposed to statements that are at times controversial, tend to make good decisions. Many of our founders expressed faith in the people to make choices that keep the country strong, free, and successful, provided they have access to information and can participate in a free and robust debate.

You don’t hear much from Pelosi and Schumer, for example, celebrating free, open discussions. To the contrary. Pelosi criticized the media last week for not gong more to sell and promote the Democratic agenda. Most observers know most of the media is in the tank for leftists, but most Dem leaders aren’t usually bold enough to openly admit it.

We are now witnessing a coordinated attempt by social media, legacy media, and Democratic leaders to set up national censorship and control of social media. More people get their news today from social media than any other source (God help us). The White House has already bragged that they work directly with social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook/Fakebook, You Tube – to censor posts by private individuals and groups.

The supposed “whistleblower” from Facebook is at the center of the effort.

This is real, funded by gazillionaire Pierre Omidyar, founder of ebay, and includes the firm founded by Obama’s communications guy, Bill Burton. They advocate more censorship, less conservative speech, and control of private speech. A good discussion of this is presented by Glenn Greenwald, here.

The key problems:

  1. Free speech is essential to the survival of a free country. Without free speech we have no freedom. The battle for free speech is the battle for America.
  2. Government censorship does not ensure information is true and factual. It just means the lies are those government promotes.
  3. The big social media platforms WANT governmental control. The whole effort is an attempt to con you into thinking Haugen wants to make the platform more accountable. That is a pile of dreck. In fact, she is trying to make Fakebook more powerful, profitable, and inviolable. She is doing Zuckerberg’s bidding. Facebook desperately wants to be controlled. That locks them into monopoly positions, makes it harder for other companies to compete with them, and gives them legal protection.

The new catchword, in today’s Orwellian world, is “misinformation.” That is, any comment or point or photo or graphic of which they do not approve. That is what misinformation is. It isn’t a question of what is true; it is a question of what government allows.

If you believe government never lies to us, you haven’t been paying attention to our political system in our lifetime. Government lies often, easily, and effectively, usually to get you to conform and do what they want.

The reason freedom of speech is in the Bill of Rights is to protect our ability to challenge, question, and counter governmental information and viewpoints. That is why we have it.

Too many in government, social media, and the mainstream media want you silenced. Don’t encourage them, and don’t put up with it. These are dangerous times.

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