Biden Wants You to Be Afraid

By Rob Meyne

  • Jan. 25, 2022
  • 3-min read

Most of the leading arguments by Washington leftists are only persuasive if you have already accepted a proposition on which they are based. Many of these assumptions are, unfortunately for them, simply not true.

An example is the suggestion that the greatest domestic threat to our nation comes from right-wing activists. It is possible no political party has made more of an effort to persuade Americans of a false narrative. The Biden Administration wants Americans to believe right-wing extremism is the most dangerous and prevalent domestic threat and that January 6 is part of a broader problem.

Leftists think you will not push back on their attempts to squelch free speech, punish their critics, and use the DOJ to pursue their political enemies if you believe there is an existential threat from conservatives. If you are afraid, in other words, you may not focus on the dumpster fire that is Biden’s America.

The DOJ has established an entirely new department to pursue, investigate, and prosecute “extremists,” which they define as people who question government authority or its policies. Got it? If you question government, take issue with its actions, the Biden Administration thinks you are a potentially violent and dangerous terrorist.

You may recall – assuming you went to high school somewhere that still teaches government or U. S. history – that our nation was founded by people who encouraged dissent. People like Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison were all about confronting government. They won by mobilizing people, offering better arguments, and fearlessly taking on the powers that be.

Now that kind of attitude is considered dangerous by the same government those men made possible.

To further amplify their hypocrisy, there is no focus in the new DOJ effort to hold accountable organizations like ANTIFA and BLM. Those groups were overwhelmingly behind the 2020 riots that included arson, looting, assaults, and murders. But the DOJ is not focusing on them. Nor has there been even a single congressional hearing about them. Zero.

You can almost hear the panic of the Biden Administration and Congressional leadership as they search for evidence that conservatives are more dangerous than reality has yet shown them to be.

As we have said repeatedly, January 6 was a riot for which the participants should be held accountable. File charges, prove the cases, let the chips fall where they may. For now, it is indefensible to maintain that it was a “deadly event,” implying the MAGA crowd killed people. They did not. The only person killed was a Trump supporter who was shot, without warning, by a police officer. There is no evidence the riot was part of a nationwide pattern of dangerous conservative attacks.

A real terrorist attack did take place recently, in Wisconsin. But it was a BLM-inspired leftist who committed it. At least six innocent people were killed, and dozens injured, by an anti-white racist who plowed his car through a parade. If team Biden gave a damn about human lives, or really cared about domestic terrorism, they would be talking about that rather than trying to convince us the bigger threat is from their political opponents.

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