Democrats Love the Police As Long As They’re After Someone Else

Rob Meyne

  • Dec. 27, 2019
  • 3 min read

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Someone who dozed off in the mid-1960s and woke up yesterday would have a hard time understanding what the major political parties stand for. On some issues, there appears to have been a switch more extreme than the trans-gender surgeries that we are now supposed to think turn a man into a woman. That isn’t possible, of course, but we’re supposed to pretend it is.

Through much of history, the Democrats have positioned themselves as defenders of liberty, advocates of civil rights, and the party of the oppressed. Even as recently as the Obama years, you couldn’t swing a dead cat (not that one often does that under any circumstances) without hitting a Democrat who was criticizing police and law enforcement in general, because common assumptions were that cops were a problem. The pejorative “pig,” used to attack police officers, was popularized by mainly Democratic activists and their enablers in public office.

When a Ferguson, Mo., man was shot by a police officer, it was assumed the man was an innocent victim of a racist cop. That was their “go to” position. The Obama White House sent four people to attend the funeral of Michael Brown, long before a determinative investigation could be concluded.

The Obama Justice Department, and a grand jury, learned Brown had robbed a convenience store, reached into the police car to try to grab the officer’s gun, which then went off, and was actually charging at him when the officer, justifiably, fired. Yet Obama and his cohorts assumed the kid was innocent and the cop at fault. They never miss an opportunity to use the suffering of others to promote their political agenda.

Black Lives Matter marched at venues across the country and chanted “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.” Rather than being marginalized and criticized, however, the organization was invited and welcomed, literally, into the Oval Office.

When five police officers in Dallas were assassinated, Obama offered a timid statement that essentially said “It’s a drag they got shot but, let’s realize it, cops are racists.” Is there anything less appropriate than using the massacre of police officers as an opportunity to say police are racists? And the Dallas comment was only one of many times Obama openly criticized police. You know, the people who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.

When a citizen died in the custody of Baltimore police, many assumed several officers would go to jail. The day of the tragedy, the DA promised heads would roll. No investigation had been held, and few facts were known, but she would prosecute. After the first acquittals, when a fuller story was known, juries returned not-guilty verdicts. The other charges were eventually dropped, but not until the reputations, and lives, of peace officers had been ruined. It was fashionable for politically correct Democrats to hate them.

Elizabeth Warren has not been subtle about this. She has repeatedly said police are racist. Warrant tweeted, this year, that Michael Brown in Ferguson was murdered. That is simply a lie, and an attempt to worsen race relations in order to gain politically. Warren is the scummiest of the scum, and that comparison isn’t truly fair to scum.

Biden has his own history of criticizing police racism while being all over the map and frequently racist himself. He famously said, about a decade ago, that Obama was unusual because he was a black man who was “…clean, articulate…” and more.

It was the Democratic Party that was responsible for the majority of criticisms of law enforcement throughout the past several decades. Yet, it’s astonishing how they can turn on a dime. When it serves their purposes, they act like the police are the gestapo. When the police turn against the other party, Dems act like the biggest supporters of law enforcement since the Lone Ranger.

All of this matters hugely because, a year hence, we will choose a person to fill the highest office extant. And the values, focus, and policies of that person will be dispositive in determining whether we continue to see our rights erode or see them strengthened.

Freedom hangs in the balance with every election and most governmental decisions. And the future of impeachment, the accusations of conspiracy regarding Russia, and ongoing attempts to hang something on President Trump will continue to elucidate the true anti-liberty leaning of today’s Democratic Party and its candidates.

More tomorrow.

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