If You Aren’t Scared by FBI Corruption You Must Not Be Paying Attention

Rob Meyne

  • Dec. 28, 2019
  • 4 min read

For more than two years, President Trump, his supporters, and Americans who are trying to be fair and factual, have known the FBI was at fault in the Russia probe. Not the agency, of course, but high-ranking officials in it. Agencies don’t do anything; people acting on their behalf do. But the respect that most Americans have for the FBI, as we should, do not prohibit us from calling out the corrupt actions of a few of its leaders. People who hide behind the reputation of their employer to avoid accountability are reprehensible.

The Bureau was at best incompetent, if not intentionally bigoted and corrupt, and lied to deprive a citizen of his rights. This is something we have known for several years, and it was outlined in a classified memo by Devin Nunes at the time. When Nunes released his memo, Adam “I wouldn’t know the truth if it bit me on the ass” Schiff wrote his own memo accusing Nunes of lying. Now, two investigations have already confirmed the truth of Nunes’s points, and that Schiff lied.

The FBI, in fact, lied to get a FISA warrant, altered evidence to make it look incriminating, hid exculpatory evidence, and even attested to the reliability of the Clinton-financed Steele memo long after they had learned it was unverifiable. So, where is the outrage on the left? Non-existent.

Unfortunately, most Democratic leaders, and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself), have lost whatever capacity to be honest and professional they may have once had. They get their marching orders from people who are themselves corrupt, partisan, and divorced from truth. So, they are saying the IG’s report said things it simply did not say. They are, in a word, lying.

I G Horowitz, an Obama appointee who reports jointly to Congress and the DOJ, had a fairly narrow mission. He could not compel testimony from people no longer in the employ of the DOJ, nor could he determine guilt or innocence. Still, he identified 17 instances where the Bureau lied or withheld exculpatory information. As he has said, it was bias, incompetence, or both.

The left/socialists/Dems are in nearly orgiastic throws of excitement, saying the IG concluded bias was not a factor. Well, no, he did not conclude that, nor could he as a matter or either law or logic. He did say he didn’t find documentation to prove there was bias. He doesn’t have a memo from Obama to Brennan, copying Comey, saying “Since we are all partisan thugs who want to eviscerate Trump, let’s conspire against him, promote a false narrative, and spy on his team.” Most conspiracies are not spelled out in detail in writing, to save investigators time and trouble. Even corrupt people are often smart enough to conceal it fairly well.

You can’t prove there was no bias any more than you can prove you haven’t been to Montreal. That is a foundational reality of how our system of justice works.

Anyone who has been tried for a crime, and found not guilty, may be tempted to say they were proven innocent. Well, fair people need to accept that result, but “not guilty” and “innocent” are not the same thing.

Has your spouse cheated on you? Either you can prove it, or you cannot. If you cannot, it doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. It may mean they didn’t do it, or it may mean they are just clever enough not to get caught. All of which is one reason it’s really important to marry someone you love, respect, and trust.

One fact that is intentionally being lied about, by Democrats and their sycophants, is whether the FBI spied on the Trump campaign. The IG report makes it clear they did. If what the FBI did wasn’t spying, then the word has no meaning. Even Jim “You ought to love me as much as I love myself” Comey has had to turn logic and language into an unrecognizable hair ball, by saying electronic information collection is not spying. Really? In other news, the sky is green and the sun rises in the south.

Yes, the FBI spied, as outlined in the attached.

When law enforcement, and “dirty cops” like Comey, turned their attention to Trump, the Democratic leadership had no problem with it. Suddenly, the left/socialists/mainstream media sound like the biggest supporters of law enforcement that have ever trod American soil. These are the same people who, only a few years earlier, reflexively blamed cops in police shootings and supported an organization that called for the assassination of police officers. Now, suddenly, they love cops. Right. Sure.

The American Spectator has done a lot of great work on this, including here.

Democratic leaders sometimes say it was just mistakes and incompetence. If it were just mistakes, and all of them went one way, it would be like flipping a coin and getting heads 17 times in a row. Plus, how are supposed to be comforted that leaders of the FBI were incompetent? Why don’t you try this: Tell your husband or wife that you cheated on them 17 times this year, but it was all just a mistake. Let me know how that works out for you.

In the meantime, our civil rights were attacked by high level leaders in organizations with the ability to take your rights away. Democrats are o k with it. It’s disgraceful and a scandal. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Democratic leaders have eviscerated police officers and justice department officials over the years. When it serves their political purposes, they say cops are evil. Now that people associated with Donald Trump have been the target of incompetent and corrupt FBI officials, these politicians act like Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, and others are the second coming of Mother Theresa.

How often do we have to relearn this lesson? If you don’t stand up against corruption involving others who are accused and deprived of their rights, no one will stand up for your rights when they come after you.

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