How Much Reality Must We Ignore to Be Leftists?

Rob Meyne

  • July 30, 2021
  • 2 min read

Prevarication is the coin of the political realm. No political party or ideology has a monopoly on it. But when one party is in charge in Washington, and so much of their agenda hangs on Americans believing falsehoods, it is important to point it out.
The Democratic Party has lost a lot of support among middle-class working voters. They have lost some support among blacks and Hispanics. They are increasingly, compared to Republicans, the party of the rich. They depend on an ability to cobble together a loose coalition of groups, who have little else in common, on election day.

Therefore, their ability to win elections, to remain in power, requires that lots of people accept some beliefs that are false or at best unprovable.

Is our nation systemically racist? Is white supremacy a bigger threat than violence from BLM, ANTIFA, and Muslim terrorists? Is there an epidemic of cop killings of black people? Do the rich pay their fair share of taxes? Are they following the “science” when imposing mask mandates and lockdowns? Don’t ask. They want you to shut up and just agree with them.

The left attacks black Americans who embrace policies they don’t like. They need black people to vote in lockstep support of Democrats. They cannot afford for respected black people of achievement, like Herschel Walker, or Jim, Brown, or Kanye West, to endorse conservative policies. Democratic leadership likes lots of diversity, except for diversity of opinion.

The more you look at the agenda of the left, the more clearly you realize how flimsy is their intellectual foundation.

The left wants you to believe police officers actually want to kill black people. Even the President tries to promote the fiction that black people should be fearful that they may be shot by police, every day, as they leave their homes and live their lives.
Nearly all research into police violence has reached the same conclusions. Police killings of unarmed black people are not widespread and are small in number. Most police officers are decent people trying very hard to do a good job. Black people support police engagement in their communities. But none of that helps the Democrats, so they tell black Americans to be afraid of the police. As background, see this piece in USAToday, showing there simply isn’t an epidemic of police killings of black Americans.

While the riot January 6 was indefensible, the left doesn’t want you to realize how expensive and deadly the riots by BLM and ANTIFA were in 2020. So, they say those demonstrations were mostly peaceful. Maybe that was technically true. Most rioters didn’t commit violent acts. But some did. By the same token, January 6 was mostly peaceful. There were hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters on the Mall. Most of them did nothing wrong. They want people prosecuted, even for trespassing, from January 6, but excuse the deaths of last year.

The cost of the George Floyd riots made them the most expensive in our history. Yet they don’ even support prosecution of those who broke the law in 2020. People who committed crimes January 6 are being held, often without bail, and will be prosecuted. Yet very few people from 2020 even saw the inside of a jail cell.

The left wants you to think BLM is a civil rights group that only wants everyone treated equally and fairly. It just doesn’t happen to be true. BLM is a radical, anti-American, anti-family, Marxist organization that supports an oppressive communist government in Cuba.
Black Lives Matter is a good slogan but a bad organization. BLM has made a fortune from companies seeking to be more woke than the next. Their leaders pay themselves well. BLM took in more than 90 million dollars last year, much of which went to buy million dollar homes for their leadership.

Or national government is today under the control of one party, our nation is suffering for it, and their actions are tolerated by Americans largely because we believe these “big lies.”

In the days to come, we are going to look at some of the key, basic beliefs that form the basis of the leftist’s agenda. Their narrative crumbles when exposed to daylight and even a cursory examination of the facts. The Democratic Party was once the party of individual rights, free speech, and the middle-class. Today, the Party leadership is generally rich, elite, and increasingly has contempt for dissent and diversity of opinion, as Victor Davis Hanson has observed.

Our ability to grow, prosper, and succeed as a nation depends, long-term, on finding a way to sort through the emotional generalizations of the left and embrace a foundation of reality. It isn’t an easy task. I hope we are up to the challenge.

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