Is Elections Fraud Here to Stay?

J Robert Smith

  • Mar 16
  • 2 min read

Jay Valentine’s article at today’s American Thinker deserves a shout out. It’s disturbing, because what Valentine suggests is that the massive fraud in the 2020 presidential elections (at least) amounts to “sovereign crime.” In other words, crimes that were either actively or passively engaged in by those in government. A public-private partnership in stealing the elections existed, which makes it profoundly disturbing. And it’ll happen again… if big changes don’t happen soon enough.

For those of us who are confident that multistate fraud swung the elections to the Biden-Harris ticket – based on facts and information that’s publicly available – that’s not a surprising conclusion. But for those who may believe that 2020 was an outlier event (a one-off “Get Trump” campaign), it wasn’t, not per Valentine.

Valentine was expert at finding high level insurance and other business fraud throughout much of his career. His analyses aren’t that of an enlightened amateur, but a pro.

Here are two noteworthy pulls for his article:

Fraud perps are greedy and when left to commit fraud, for which there was likely millions of dollars in remuneration either presently or in the future, they are not going to stop. As fraudsters recognize that national law enforcement refuses to investigate and the courts will not look at evidence, they are emboldened. Who wouldn’t be? [italics added]

Which leads to this conclusion:

So if you are an election fraud perp, what would you do? Double down! Yes, you would, you know you would.

What we saw in 2020 is going to happen in 2022 and 2024 in a very big way. Maybe bigger since there are no constraints.

Whoa! Let those last two sentences sink in.

Yes, elections law reform is badly needed, particularly in the swing states where fraud changed outcomes. Reforms are underway in some states, like Pennsylvania and Georgia.

But, critically, laws must be enforced. Laws without such are meaningless. If federal and state law enforcement agencies are too timid or, somehow, complicit, in elections fraud, if the U.S. Department of Justice and state attorneys general choose to sit on the sidelines, and if courts (conspicuously the U.S. Supreme Court) toss out legitimate suits premised on baseless technicalities, there’s no reason for elections fraud to stop. And as Valentine asserts, given human nature, there’s every reason to see it again, and more boldly.

This isn’t to suggest that we throw up our hands in despair. Without honest elections, our system will tumble into chaos en route to some sort of despotism – quicker than many can appreciate.

Patriots need to unify as never before. We need to raise up men and women with the integrity and courage to lead the fight for honest elections – and, likewise, support them courageously.

It may seem obvious, but in today’s moral muddle, it needs to be stated: There can be no compromise with corruption, in and/or out of government. Zero tolerance.

If you haven’t read Valentine’s previous articles on the 2020 elections fraud that stole reelection from Donald J. Trump, read today’s article and then check out the others. Valentine’s articles are archived at American Thinker for further background.

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