It’s Mourning in America, Says Biden the Mortician

J Robert Smith

  • Mar 12
  • 2 min read

My first impression of Joe Biden’s Thursday night speech was: “Who put a mortician in charge of crowd control?”

That’s how the oft-befuddled Joe came off: a dour, droning purveyor of weepy – and manipulative – sentiment and gloom. Spring is about to spring, but for Joe and his Democrats, it’s Mourning in America. A perpetual gray hangs over these United States because power-tripping Democrats mean to plum this “crisis” for everything they can squeeze out of it.

Democrats aim to consolidate and institutionalize the tyranny they trotted out last year in blue states. We’re no longer citizens to whom Uncles Sam is accountable to us. We’re subjects, minions, dutifully jumping through whatever hoops our masters set before us.

Joe scolded us, though he was surely instructed not to wag a finger in our faces. Instead, he offered veiled threats. Our loving Uncle Sam, you see, can darn well impose restrictions on us again if we fail to heed the sainted Anthony Fauci… if we fail to get the vaccine… if we dare get the vaccine and strip off those useless facemasks… if we don’t maintain social distance.

Be good little heel hounds, and do what Joe and cadres of equally grim bureaucrats tell us to do or they’ll lower the boom again… they’ll wreck more businesses and throw more people out of work. (Note: Mendacious Joe attributed that legitimate economic disaster to the contagion, not to blue state governors, aka, aspiring tyrants).

Fail to obey, and your kids will be sentenced to years in “remote learning,” with all the attendant loneliness. But, if you’re submissive, well, then, maybe by July 4 (Independence Day, which must get Biden’s White House staff hooting at the irony) you can gather in small groups to BBQ and celebrate the kindness bestowed on us by doddering old Joe. Be immensely grateful for the crumbs thrown your way.

The trouble for Joe and his cronies is that the American people are moving past the contagion crisis – bigly. More red states are scuttling restrictions and ending mask mandates. COVID vaccines are in widening distribution – no thanks to Biden, but to Trump. The point of the vaccines is to boost immunity, thus protection, from the bug.

Only a hack pol like Biden and nitwit progressives would insist that we stay masked and distanced. The vaccines are the powerful counterpoint, a liberator. Otherwise, what’s the point of vaccines? The “Be fearful, masks on, keep your distance” doom and gloom apostles are fighting the people’s common sense – and the people are going to win.

There’s an old saying, “Love or hate me, but don’t ignore me.” Well, guess what? Last night, slews and slews of Americans ignored goofy old Joe as he stood in the middle of the street, hand raised, telling everybody to halt. Judging from the anemic White House YouTube viewership, Americans shrugged and walked past.

Joe can’t command his own mind, much less legions of Americans who’ve had enough of the “life is grim” gruel and are rejecting being dictated to. They mean to reclaim their lives.

Joe Biden, the very impotent mortician, ain’t gonna stop them.

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