Is the Cuomo Sex Scandal a Diversion?

J Robert Smith

  • Mar 5
  • 2 min read

Anyone else find it convenient that a sex scandal involving embattled New York governor Andrew Cuomo would pop up just as serious allegations of a coverup over COVID nursing home deaths were hitting the front pages?

That’s not to say that charges of Cuomo making inappropriate advances on female staffers are unserious. It’s to suggest that the Democratic establishment and the MSM may have every reason to divert attention from what is the greatest scandal emerging from a full year of misbegotten COVID lockdowns.

Okay, so there’s a chance that in the Democrats’ muddled moral world a sex scandal should crowd out the deaths of people’s parents and grandparents. But cynicism is rife in politics. A diversion is very likely the play.

Keep in mind that nursing home deaths are a result of mostly blue state governors’ horrific policies of forcing COVID sick elderly into facilities with healthy elderly, killing thousands. And this didn’t just occur in New York State, but in Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, and Wisconsin, principally.

What the Cuomo nursing homes’ scandal does is shine a very unwelcome light on Democratic governance in multiple states. It creates a perception of broader Democrat incompetence and maleficence.

At the beginning of the COVID shutdowns last March, the concern was that hospitals would be inundated with COVID sick. Space would be at a premium. Let nursing homes accommodate the COVID infected old, despite concerns that it was a mistake to do so.

Well, guess what? Hospitals were never overwhelmed by COVID sick, not even in New York City and vicinity, which was the epicenter for some of the worse COVID outbreaks in the country. In fact, hospital beds were underutilized – there and across the nation. Cuomo never even tapped the Javits Center hospital facility that President Trump set up in record time and the USNS Comfort hospital ship that the president sent to New York Harbor. Both could have amply treated thousands of COVID infected elderly.

Republican governor Ron DeSantis (FL) established separate nursing units for COVID sick elderly early in the pandemic. Keeping the sick segregated saved many lives. His was a simple, common sense approach. Democrats don’t have excuses.

No one is accusing the Democratic governors in the other states mentioned of coverups – though we’ll carve out an exception for Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. Regardless, it’s not hard to accuse them of maleficence. They should all be held to account for their atrocious governance that led to the needless deaths of so many old people.

Certainly, there’s no either/or here. Cuomo’s inappropriate advances on women can and should be dealt with. But killing thousand of innocents by stubbornly pursuing a terrible policy and then covering it up is the greater offense by many magnitudes.

Let’s not let Democrats and the MSM distract us.

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