The Creepy Shadowing of Biden by Harris

J Robert Smith

  • March 7, 2021
  • 3 min read

I remarked to a colleague the other day that doesn’t it seem creepy that anytime Joe Biden surfaces for a – fleeting – public appearance, more often than not, Kamala Harris is lurking in the background? Does it not seem like an exec who’s privately informed his higher ups that he plans to retire but will slow walk it to give his heir apparent a chance to get familiar with whatever she needs to become familiar with?

Look, does anyone on any side of the political spectrum really believe that Joe Biden wasn’t mentally declining during the 2020 elections (before that, actually, but he was a former officeholder and private citizen, so it wasn’t anyone’s concern)? Hence, the basement campaign strategy. And what do we know about dementia – a very common age affliction, so the most likely cause of Biden’s faltering functioning?

We know that dementia is progressive. Its progress isn’t the same for everyone so afflicted. Onsets can be slower or quicker. Likewise, deterioration proceeds at different paces for different people. But, if someone lives long enough, progress it does.

A dead giveaway that Joe is declining is that not only is Harris around, but Jill Biden is almost always hanging on Joe’s arm. She chimes in when needed.

But here’s where the skeptic in me surfaces. Biden hasn’t informed cronies that he plans to exit the White House on some date definite – or, at least, within a timeframe. Very best guess is that the fix was in from the moment the Democratic establishment, their plutocrat allies, and elements on the left decided to sweep the candidate field late last winter/early spring to give Biden a clear path to his party’s nomination. A price that the establishment gladly paid for doing so was awarding the vice-presidential nomination to Kamala Harris, a favorite of the left’s.

Joe Biden was a familiar and nonthreatening face to present to voters. He’d never been radically left. On the spectrum, he was considered moderately liberal, though Biden really was always an opportunist. Principles came in a distant second. So, he was pliable. The presidency would be the capstone to his long and personally enriching slog through national politics. Plus, it seems Jill wanted Joe to wear presidential laurels. Her ambition might be greater than his at this juncture.

By all appearances, the torrent of executive orders from the White House are rubberstamped by Joe. There are rarely, if any, comments or explanations from Biden… just a robotic sort of performance with a pen in front of cameras.

Joe was, by the left’s and the plutocrats’ reckoning, the best front behind which to move their “transformational” agenda (call it the “Great Reset” or some version of Xi Jinping’s Orwellian social credit system or some amalgam). The establishment – as always seems the case – is more than happy to cut a deal with the devil as long as it gets its share of the spoils.

Point blank, I’m 99.9% persuaded that not only were the 2020 elections rigged, but the Biden plan was drawn up early last year. It’s not a matter of if Joe exits the presidency before his term expires, but when. It may really depend on how rapidly Joe’s dementia advances. I’ll wager it’s sooner rather than later. That’s why we’re getting to see Biden’s and Harris’ rendition of “Me and my Shadow.”

With that, let’s turn it over to the incomparable Old Blue Eyes and masterful Sammy Davis, Jr.!

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