NEWSFEED SATURDAY: Petting Zoo Republicans & the Impeachment Scam Upside

J Robert Smith

  • Sept. 28, 2019
  • 2 min read

Are Republicans waking up and smelling the coffee too?

On Thursday, two Republican governors added their names to the list of those in support of the investigation. Gov. Phill Scott (R-VT) and Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA) have both stated that they are in favor of the proceedings.

— Front Page Live, September 27, 2019


The mainstream media ballyhoos GOP turncoats. That’s what they do. Yesterday, it was two Republican governors in the MSM spotlight, Phill Scott (R-VT) and Charlie Baker (R-MA). They support House Democrats railroading President Trump.

The upside of petting zoo Republicans showing their true colors is knowing who needs to be packed off to the hinterlands. The GOP is Trump turf now. Never-Trumpers and pale blue Republicans better hike out. Or they’ll be tossed out on their keisters.

The two blue state governors might say they only support the inquiry. They’re on the inquiry bandwagon because? It doesn’t further scuttle the nation’s vital business? It most certainly doesn’t exacerbate divisions and conflicts? Defaming and persecuting the president is just good sport?

Scott and Baker might claim that they have to be “different” types of Republicans to win in their states. Backing the impeachment inquiry throws a little red meat to Democrat voters and left-leaning independents. They’re playing a cynic’s game… for a good cause, of course.

The impeachment gambit is the Democrats second major attempt to destroy the president. The Russia collusion hoax being the first. Both attempts are naked power grabs. The effort is anti-democratic and anti-Constitution. But why would Scott and Baker pause to consider Democrats’ barely concealed motives?

In saner times, the Zelensky conversation transcript release should have stymied House Democrats. The president is innocent. But the MSM have Democrats’ backs. Facts matter not. Truth? It’s what you say it is. Did facts and evidence ever matter in Soviet Show trials?

It’s a toss-up which of the two states are bluer. Vermont is the smaller state and more insular and inbred. The Green Mountain State has foisted the zany Bernie Sanders on the nation. Sanders is a pinko verging on being a red-o.

But not to be outdone, Massachusetts has given the nation two leftist box-checkers in Liz Warren and Ed Markey. Warren, as we know, lied egregiously about having an American Indian heritage.

She did so for education and career advancement – oh, and money, plenty of it.

Warren has made out quite nicely trading on a brazen lie. Democrats are impressed. With each passing day, more Democrats want to make her their presidential nominee. In the past, Democrats used to wink at the corruption in the midst. Now they aim to openly reward it.

Maybe you’re wondering why Scott and Baker would crawl in bed with these extremists, kooks, and scammers. Whether it’s because they’re Never-Trumpers, political whores, cowards, or some of each matters little. They can join Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney, the ghost of John McCain, Ben Sasse, Bill Kristol, George Conway, et al, on the Island of Misfit Republicans.

Never to return, though. Never.

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