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Liz Cheney’s Pratfall

By J Robert Smith

  • May 13
  • 1 min read

On Wednesday morning by a voice vote, U.S. House Republicans ousted the odious Liz Cheney from her leadership position. Republicans really had no choice. Cheney’s unconcealed loathing for Donald Trump and her notorious vote to impeach him back in January played very poorly with the party’s base voters, who remain intensely loyal to the ex-president. When is backstabbing regarded by anybody as a stellar quality?
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With Friends Like Congresswoman
Liz Cheney, Who Needs Enemies?

By Rob Meyne

  • May 10
  • 4 min read

Anti-Trumpers, as a group, have received more than their fair share of attention. They fulfill the wildest dreams of many on the left and in the media, but I repeat myself, because they love nothing more than disloyal Republicans.

It brings them even more joy if they blame Trump for specific atrocities. A home run for them is when RINOs place blame on Trump for the “deadly” actions on January 6. Such accusations are uninformed, politically bigoted, or both. Blaming acts of violence on the politicians the criminals support is almost never reasonable and represents lazy and misleading thinking.
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