The Herschel Walker Smear

By J Robert Smith

  • Oct. 10, 2022
  • 4-min read

Democrats operate by a simple dictum: If one of their candidates may lose, smear the Republican opponent.  And if that doesn’t cut it, cheat.  Or do both, just to play it safe.

Herschel Walker is the recipient of a Democrat sneak attack.  That’s because he’s running neck-and-neck with a tainted U.S. senator, the Rev. Ralph Warnock.  The smears made against Walker are called “October Surprises.”

Sandbagging Walker isn’t much of surprise, actually.  Walker is a football legend in Georgia.  His college career with the Bulldogs made him so.  He’s public about his embrace of Christianity and doesn’t hesitate to admit that he’s made his share of mistakes over the years and, yes, sinned.  But as the Rev. Warnock should know, Christians make no bones about their sinfulness.  Some of the greatest sinners became the greatest Christians.  The Apostle Paul is the preeminent example of a bad man gone very good through his encounter with Jesus Christ and his repentance.

So, like the rest of us, Walker is a flawed man, but the smears leveled against him are lies.  Walker flat-out denies that he impregnated a past girlfriend and paid for her abortion.  The allegation stinks of an election-motivated gambit. 

Said Florida senator Rick Scott (who should be the next GOP Senate leader, not sold-out Mitch McConnell) , Newsweek, October 4:

Senator Rick Scott, who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee, defended GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker amid his latest controversy and suggested that Walker was up against the same “smear machine” that targeted Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas.

Coincidence that on the eve of Kavanaugh’s and Thomas’ confirmation hearings that they were slammed with uncorroborated accusations of sexual misconduct?  Now, just weeks before the November election, Walker is being slapped with a charge that he paid for an abortion?

From Rick Scott again, the Newsweek article:

“When the Democrats are losing, as they are now, they lie and cheat and smear their opponents. That’s what’s happening right now,” Scott said in a Tuesday statement. “They know they are on the verge of losing the Senate, and they know that Herschel Walker is winning, so they have cranked up the smear campaign.”

As to Walker’s son’s (Christian) charges, it seems like the actions of young man whose relationship with his dad is damaged.  Curious that Christian’s broadside at his dad came on the heels of the abortion lie.  It’s obviously vindictive and clearly timed to damage Walker’s election chances.  Most families have dramas in some shape or form.  Knowing politics, I’ll wager that Christian Walker was incentivized to air his grievances – if, in fact, they’re true at all.

Why does Christian’s nastiness smell like rotten fish?  From Buzzfeed (no Herschel fan), October 4:

The 23-year-old influencer, who has built an online following with a series of sassy right-wing rants, appeared to be the fully supportive son he had told his Instagram followers he was back when his father kicked off his campaign in August 2021.

“I’m so proud that he’s chosen to step up to the plate and do this for our great country,” Christian had written on Instagram.

Meanwhile, as expected, Rev. Ralph Warnock gets passes from local and national media about charges his ex-wife made of abuse.  The charges are older, but disappeared shortly after they were made.

From Breitbart, October 4:

Warnock, however, is no stranger to family controversy, despite the corporate media’s framing otherwise. Perhaps most famously, Warnock found himself in the middle of a domestic dispute in 2020 after his now ex-wife Ouleye Ndoye accused him of running over her foot with his car. Body cam footage of the authorities’ visit features Ndoye telling police that her husband is a “great actor.”

“This man’s running for United States Senate, and all he cares about right now is his reputation,” she said.

But corporate media wants Warnock reelected.  Warnock’s ex-wife’s allegations are buried while an unsubstantiated charge – a false charge about Walker – makes the media rounds.

What Democrats and their allies are trying to do to Walker is nothing new.  Their playbook is predictable.  Warnock deserves to lose solely for being part of the Democrats’ sleaze machine. Backing Biden and voting for an agenda that’s ruining America makes it doubly so.

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