In Pennsylvania, Fetterman is Beginning to Reel … and More

By J Robert Smith

  • Sept. 20, 2022
  • 4-min read

Fox News reports that John Fetterman’s U.S. Senate campaign is backing off Fetterman’s call to release over a thousand convicted 2nd degree murders from Pennsylvania prisons.

From the September 20 Fox News report:

Fetterman, the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor who chairs the state’s Board of Pardons (BOP), commissioned two reports last year released by Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity (PLSE) that recommended the BOP consider merit-based clemency for currently incarcerated second-degree murderers, as well as for the state legislature to reform the law that mandates life sentences without parole for second-degree murder convictions.

And then this from the story:

During a PLSE press conference on March 1, 2021, Fetterman said the reports documented “the lives that are destroyed” and “the resources that are wasted” due to Pennsylvania’s statute, and that he hoped the reports’ findings would “lead to a conversation” that would free close to 1,200 people.

“People,” as in convicted murderers.

Any voter living near a major Democrat-run city knows well how crime – including violent crime – has exploded in those jurisdictions. Urban crime has begun creeping into suburban areas from cities. Philadelphia has seen crime rates explode. Fetterman being a friend of murderers, robbers, rapists, and two-bit thugs is hurting his campaign for Pennsylvania’s open U.S. Senate seat.

In the latest Real Clear Politics average of polls, Fetterman only leads Mehmet Oz by 4.0%. The Trafalgar Group (a routinely reliable survey research firm) has the Fetterman-Oz contest within the margin of error. Yes, Pennsylvania is a “No Questions” mail-in ballot state, so mail-in ballot fraud is a serious concern, but we’ll see how that impacts Pennsylvania races. But what we know is that Oz is narrowing Fetterman’s lead and has a realistic shot of pulling in front of Fetterman before November. Oz needs to hit hard at the crime issue, inflation, which is destroying working- and middle-class Pennsylvanians’ paychecks, and the burgeoning drug crisis, thanks to Biden’s open border policy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Declares the Illegals Invasion a Priority Issue

Ron DeSantis sending about fifty U.S.-Mexico border-crossers from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard is rankling “progressives” and Democrats. They’re upset worse than when Texas governor Greg Abbott sends busloads of illegals to New York City and Washington, DC. Martha’s Vineyard is an exclusive enclave for very affluent, mostly white, progressives who love proclaiming their support for “diversity” and for opening the nation to diaspora from across the globe.

But drop illegals into one of their exclusive playgrounds and progressive diversity backers become downright nativists. All the virtue-signaling goes out the window when “those sort of people” intrude on their community. The rabble must stay out of their yards.

DeSantis framed the issue smartly to Sean Hannity. From Fox News via Breitbart:

DeSantis said, “You had millions of people since Biden has been president, illegally coming across the Southern border. Did they freak out on that? No. You have had migrants die in the Rio Grande. You had 50 die in Texas a trailer because they were neglected. Was there a freak-out about that? No. You’ve had criminal aliens get across that southern border and victimize Americans, killing some, raping some. Was there any type of outrage about that? No. And then, of course, we know fentanyl deaths are at an all-time high.”

He continued, “It is only when 50 get put into Martha’s Vineyard, which wasn’t saying they didn’t want this, they said they wanted this. They said they are a sanctuary jurisdiction. These are people who were basically destitute and then put in a situation where they could have succeeded, but that was all virtue-signaling. Not only did they not welcome them, they departed them the next day with the National Guard. Give me a break.”

The now-evaporated southern border isn’t chiefly the result of Biden administration incompetence. It’s a matter of deliberate policy. A Republican controlled U.S. House should impeach Biden in 2023 for gross dereliction of duty, which constitute “high crimes and misdemeanors” resulting from millions of illegals having entered the U.S., bringing with them crime, disease, and drugs.

Bill Maher’s Hilarious and Biting Monologue Targeting Wokeness

Yes, HBO’s Bill Maher is a progressive, which typical of the left, really means “regressive.” But Maher’s politics haven’t cost him his connection to reality – at least when it comes to the utterly weird World of Woke.

If you haven’t watched his 8-miunte monologue, give it a look. It’s completely on target and funny as hell.

The YouTube link is here. (Hat tip, American Thinker)

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