The Trials Ahead

J Robert Smith

  • Jan. 13, 2021
  • 5 min read

During last Friday night’s Twitter purge, if I read it once, I read it dozens of times: posters sense of shock that a mass expulsion was underway. Two of the more common exclamations were: “This is unreal!” and “Unbelievable!” These lamentations came from some notable names, too. I was astonished that people – particularly those who should know better – were astonished. Then in the wee hours of Saturday morning, having witnessed enough virtual carnage, I deactivated my Twitter account, never to resurrect it – short of the miraculous: Jack Dorsey selling his misbegotten enterprise to Donald J. Trump.

As to Dorsey’s motives, they seem to enjoy something of a consensus opinion among conservatives. Vindictiveness is the culprit, we’re to understand. While we shouldn’t dismiss malice as motivation in human affairs, it wasn’t the only motivation. In fact, it wasn’t the primary motive. Big Tech – Twitter, Facebook, Redditt, Apple, Google, and Amazon – acted in concert. This was planned, and then synced.

The aim was to disrupt and suppress networking and communications among patriots across social media platforms. This wasn’t a standalone operation. Would-be oligarchs at the aforementioned tech outfits are integral to the Democrat-led axis, which includes leftist factions, other monied interests, and Deep State players.

There was nothing original about Twitter’s tactic. Suppress, disconnect, and isolate the opposition was a feature of 20th Century fascist and communist movements and regimes. It’s an old ploy applied to a new medium.

Connect the dots about what happened Friday night. In November, the Axis perpetrated unprecedent elections fraud, stealing battleground elections from Trump. The mainstream media’s approach in dealing with charges by the president, the conservative alternative media, scads of evidence and witnesses and experts, and millions of irate Trump supporters had less to do with gaslighting and more to do airbrushing away the assertions – so to speak. Better than half the nation is being treated like a nonperson in Stalinist Russia; the dissenters – and their dissents – simply don’t exist. Or if they exist at all, the dissenters are dismissed as sore losers.

The Twitter/social media purge – and the Hitlerian ultimatum issued by Google and Apple to Parler: Meet our demands in 24 hours or we’ll invade (translated: pull your app) – was simply Stage II in a plan that will roll through many successive stages, the rapidity of which depends on the amount and intensity of opposition. Though, here, like the Austrian postcard artist’s invasion of Russia, conceit and overreach are always risks.

Late Sunday night, Amazon made good its threat, pulling servers from Parler, shutting it down. This is about far more than downing a competitor, to whom conservatives have been flocking in the many hundreds of thousands. The fascism here is bald-faced. Parler must submit to the dictates of the tech giants, essentially functioning in name only, or be cancelled. Don’t think that the tech giants are operating without the sanction of Democrats.

What prevents the Axis from next going after conservative news and opinion websites on any pretext? Websites and blogs have multiple points of vulnerability. How about conservative talk radio and TV news cable channels? Tucker Carlson went to the defense of the now compromised Fox News Channel after attacks by CNN, which lusts to depose its longtime rival. Why wouldn’t the Axis try to pressure businesses to pull advertising from radio shows and TV networks? There are many ways to threaten bottom lines, boycotts being only one method of applying pressure. What about efforts at “cancelling” persons and their kin?

With Democrats controlling government, Google and Apple, with their practical monopoly grip on the internet, has far greater latitude using the internet like a chalkboard: erasing any news, opinion, and information that doesn’t square with the Axis’ worldview. During the bogus presidential contest, Google, in searches, persistently suppressed news and perspectives that ran counter to Democrats’ best interests, while promoting those that put Democrats in a favorable light. Nothing 1984ish about that.

Then there are conservative groups and organizations. Lois Lerner may have a job again at the IRS. But Illinois senator Dick Durbin is going one better.

Durbin is introducing something called the “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.” It’s ostensibly aimed at tackling the “growing threat of white supremacist groups and other violent domestic extremists,” because we all know that though white supremacists are a fringe on the fringe of society, they’re “growing” alarmingly. “Other violent domestic extremists” are defined as whom?

Says the Durbin press release (linked above):

In 2012, as chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights, Durbin held a hearing on the threat of violent right-wing extremism after a white supremacist murdered six worshippers at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. [italics added]

Nowhere in the release is anything said about left-wing extremism. We presume it doesn’t exist. Antifa has no blemishes. BLM walks on water. Neither group had any culpability in fomenting and participating in riots, looting, and – gulp – violence in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, DC, and Atlanta, principally, beginning in May 2020.

The FBI, Justice Department, and Department of Homeland Security would be tasked with pursuing these mortal threats to our once-republic. That’s the DOJ and FBI, both of which played central roles in the fruitless Russia hoax – or the attempted overthrow of President Trump.

In an honest world, Durbin’s measure would be called the “Harassment and Destruction of Patriots Act.” As described, the act is rife with holes big enough to drive divisions of Soviet T-34 tanks through and, as a result, intended for abuse. It has that creepy feel of Soviet misdirection. It seems like something that that old Bolshevik and psychopath, “Iron” Felix Dzerzhinsky, who headed the Cheka, which was the abbreviation for – get this – the “All-Russian Extraordinary Commission at the Council of People’s Commissars for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage” – would have sunk his teeth into with glee.

Then the Axis can target people of faith. That’s primarily Christians and Jews, maybe the handful of Falun Gong here, as a favor to Xi Jinping. Communists and fascists have always seen religion as its great enemy. Their materialist creeds – which inevitably tumble into nihilism – are no match for God and the eternal. Communism is more acutely doctrinal about destruction, though fascism isn’t squeamish about destroying when necessary.

The first move by the Axis would be to constrict churches and synagogues and attempt forced cooption of traditional (hence, biblically faithful) dominations into the abomination of abortion and heresies about marriage, family, and gender. Remember the Little Sisters of the Poor? Religious practice was persecuted in the Soviet Union and is persecuted in the PRC today. Churches were and are state-sanctioned, submissive, and circumspect. Real faith is practiced secretly, underground.

But other than a little social media bloodletting, the rest can’t possibly happen here, right? After all, this is America, where, okay, a presidential election can be swiped and free speech muzzled some, but this other stuff is just too fantastic… until it happens, of course.

Let’s hope the social media purges “woke” folks. The future of America as founded – the future of liberty, no less – hangs in the balance. We’re up against an enemy that has begun taking away our liberties. We must see the peril for what it is and unite. Galvanized, the forces of liberty are the means of a terrible reckoning.

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