The U.S. is Energy Abundant,
Yet this Winter Will Come
Shortages & Higher Costs

Will the economy go boom?

J Robert Smith

  • Oct. 23, 2021
  • 3-min read

Democrats and the media haven’t yet tried – in any concerted way – to gaslight the fact that as of January 20, 2021 the United States of America was energy independent. Not only that, but the cost of conventional energy was affordable for most consumers. But the Democrats have an agenda: “Save the planet,” they bleat on, like the end-time cult followers and cynics they are. (The cynics are looking to line their pockets off this delusion.)

Lest Democrats shutdown conventional energy production, why, all that mean, old carbon will choke the atmosphere and change earth climate in catastrophic ways. We’re doomed, cry these fools!

Frail Joe Biden’s handlers have miserably failed in most things so far, but have been ultra-successful in squeezing off domestic energy production and spiking costs. In just nine months’ time, they’re striding toward bringing the nation to its knees. The country faces energy shortages this winter – at gas pumps, and with the coal, oil, and natural gas necessary to heat homes and places of business. As costs climb, family budgets are stretched. A breaking point will come.

Gosh, you have to grudgingly admit that’s quite a feat by Biden’s corrupt establishment string-pullers and the leftists who the stringer-pullers grovel to – lest the Democrats’ fragile governing coalition explode to smithereens.

Power is the god worshipped by Democrats and the leftist cohorts that infest their party. If gaining more and more power takes kicking Americans and the nation’s economy in the groin, so be it. If the Democrats can seize a far greater measure of power, and put in places mechanisms to maintain their grip, then the pain and insult inflicted on Americans is worth it.

Democrats demonstrated last year with the Covid pandemic – and into this year – that in the states they control, they have no compunction about slamming down economies and throwing Americans into joblessness. Hey, there’s always welfare, right? That is until the money runs out, interest rates climb, and debt spirals out of control.

This from the Gold Guy, October 23:

The main reason why prices are skyrocketing is because supplies are starting to get really tight. In fact, it is being reported that the crude oil hub in Cushing, Oklahoma could be “effectively out of crude” in just a few weeks…

In a note predicting the near-term dynamics of the oil market, JPMorgan’s commodity Natasha Kaneva writes that in a world of pervasive nat gas and coal shortages, which are forcing the power sector to increasingly turn to oil (boosting demand by 750bkd during winter and drawing inventory by 2.1mmb/d in Nov and Dec), Cushing oil storage – which just dropped to 31.2mm barrels, the lowest since 2018…

… may be just weeks from being “effectively out of crude.” The bank’s conclusion: “if nothing were to change in the Cushing balance over the next two months, we might expect front WTI spreads to spike to record highs—a “super backwardation” scenario.”

The Gold Guy then gives this sobering insight:

Needless to say, we have never seen anything like this happen before. In such a scenario, how high could the price of oil potentially go? And if oil price records are being shattered in the months ahead, what will ordinary Americans have to pay when they go to fill up their vehicles?

Biden’s puppeteers are setting up the nation for a meltdown of epic proportions. That meltdown is gestating now. Energy – availability and cost – impact everything that happens in a modern society. Crushing conventional energy in the zealous pursuit of a “green” society is a towering conceit, utterly divorced from facts and realities. We’re being led off a cliff.

So-called “alternative energy” – progressives love wind and solar power – are highly unreliable and very costly. As the saying goes, “sun sets and wind dies.” Perhaps technological advances will allow societies to transition from conventional energy to what are now exotic alternatives, but that’s likely decades down the road.

Thanks to technological advances, coal, oil, and, of course, natural gas are plentiful and damn clean sources of energy – and increasingly cost-efficient, unless governments, money-grubbing cynics, and climate end-timers get in the way. Oh, that’s right: all three are!

Back to a societal meltdown. The assaults on energy are only one, big threat to the welfare and security of Americans. Democrats’ open southern border policy is another biggie. The tyrannical push for vax mandates will force millions of Americans to take a walk from their jobs. Police, firefighters, and EMTs are just the tip of the iceberg.

Biden’s callus remark at his low-ratings CNN town hall made it clear that he doesn’t give a damn if first-responders sit home and are fired for not taking jabs. Try to calculate the disruptions to the economy and society if it comes to pass that even a minority of working Americans choose to stay home or be fired.

Then there’s the trillions of dollars profligate Democrats are trying to spend. Add to that the taxes and mountains of red tape Democrats want to unload on average folk and small and big businesses. No adverse impacts on the economy and people’s lives here?

I can add to the list, but you feel free. It’s dreary and alarming enough as-is.

Democrats’ deliberate attack on conventional energy is a nation-wrecker alone. Throw in all their other misbegotten policies and proposals and you’ve got the makings of a national crisis that could make the Great Depression look like a trifle.

The times require us to stand up and fight back. Stand with other like-minded citizens in your communities. Make your voices heard. Never be in the position to say, “I should have done more when I could have.”

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