Biden Wants to Change the World’s Most Successful Economic System

Rob Meyne

  • Oct. 22, 2021
  • 2-min read

Last week, White House prevaricator-in-chief, Jen Psaki, mentioned that the President wants to make “fundamental change” in our economy. She gave an air of urgency comparable to an announcement of what flavor of ice cream Biden chose. See here.

Psaki added that Biden thinks the pandemic is the perfect opportunity to launch a total rehaul of our economy. WTF? Why does that make sense? Even if one wanted to restructure the economy, why would it make sense to do it at a time when people are struggling to get jobs, earn a living, and get back to normal? It is like changing the rule in the middle of a game you are already losing.

Fundamental change? Who signed up for that? Did he campaign on that? Or anything, for that matter, on those race occasions when he ventured out of his basement?

You may remember this event from February 2. Biden wandered outside his house, saw his shadow, and that meant 2021 would be another year of incompetence and mendacity.

Several weeks back, Biden also said the “system” is not working for everyone. It is not? If two people have different degrees of success, or happiness, or wealth, is it the fault of the system? Individual talent, effort, and willingness to take risks do not have an impact? Who knew?
Meanwhile, much of the world’s self-proclaimed elite is busy recommending fundamental change for the globe. Biden and his team are on board. Just as they used the pandemic to justify changes in how we conduct elections, they are using it to justify changing everything else. Biden is on board for throwing out the old, successful, system. Sorry to say.

Their goal is the “Great Reset,” as described by the UN’s World Economic Forum. They seek a complete restructuring of national and world economic systems to bring about equity – that is, equal wealth – with less freedom, more censorship, environmental mandates, less energy security, and allocation of “rights,” like access to bank accounts, based on social credit scores.

If you are not familiar with the Great Reset, it is a global agreement to reduce your freedom and gut capitalism. You can start your reading here, or any of a thousand other articles, including those on the Forum’s own web site.

If you happen to think this is an exaggeration, consider the title of one key presentation at Davos, location of the annual confab of the World Economic Forum. The session: “The World Economic Forum: Can Humans and Nature Be Compatible?”

The Great Reset is an effort by other nations to force us to change our nation’s economy, redirect our wealth to other countries, and implement more governmental control over our lives. They are not even subtle about it. They do not hide their intentions.

Most people did not vote for Biden assuming he would turn his back on free enterprise. Those who listened during 2020 are not surprised, but it is shocking to see our leaders talking about changing an economic system that has been the most successful in world history as it built wealth, spread happiness, and protected freedom for our citizens. Biden is committed to unraveling the single thing that is most responsible for America’s success, strength, and leadership. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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