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Not An Exaggeration:
Civilization Itself Is At Risk

By Rob Meyne

  • March 18, 2024
  • 4-min read

If you haven’t read anything by Michael Shellenberger, check him out, and thank me later.

He is one of a very few honest and truly productive journalists around. He is by nature a leftist and award-winning environmentalist. He is anything but a traditional MAGA advocate. He’s never voted for Trump.

Yet, perhaps unlikely, he has become a hero to people who favor free speech and, thus, to many conservatives. It says a lot about the disreputable nature of journalism today that anyone who is objective and fair stands likely to be accused of being a Trump person.

Consider Alan Dershowitz, who is a lifelong liberal and Clinton voter. He is one of the most balanced, knowledgeable, and honest people anywhere in the legal profession (that may not be too high a bar, but still). He still stands up for equal and fair justice. As a result of pointing out the many ways in which Trump has been treated improperly, or just dramatically different than his political opponents, Dershowitz has been chided, criticized, abused, and no longer invited to the cool parties on Martha’s Vineyard. To his credit, Dershowitz laughs at them and says it is their loss.

There is no longer any doubt. If you dare to do anything against the “regime,” the self-appointed elite who want to run your lives, you are putting everything on the line. You will be trashed, threatened, and marginalized just for being objective.

Shellenberger is effective at debunking the climate hysteria. Fortunately, it seems like some of our leaders, companies, and organizations are waking up. We will see if it is too late.

Even if you think carbon emissions are ruining the world, there is no good argument for suddenly dropping fossil fuels and turning to things like wind and solar power that are not capable of meeting our needs, are more expensive, and less reliable.

Without carbon-based fuels, we could not sustain our world’s population, grow, and prosper. We do not currently have technologies that can instantly replace the essential sources on which we depend. The world improved dramatically in the past generation, and it is reflected in higher standards of living around the world. You know what made all that progress possible? Carbon-based fuels.

Plus, we’re already making progress. The EU’s carbon emissions peaked in the 1970s. America’s carbon emissions have declined for years and are now lower than a decade ago. Meanwhile, the two largest nations, China and India, are building coal-fired power plants and producing more CO2 all the time. Yet all you hear from the left is that we need to do OUR part. The focus is entirely on making America the villain.

Why? Because this isn’t really about climate. It is about control. The globalists who run our governments, policy organizations, and the mainstream media use climate as an excuse to restrict your freedom and build their own wealth. If you don’t understand this yet, just look at some photos of John Kerry on his private jet. Or of Barack Obama’s Massachusetts mansion, built in an area he claims will soon be underwater. You must reduce your carbon footprint, according to them, but they can’t be bothered.

The climate scare is being used to undermine western society, subvert our economies, and enrich the global elite. I know that sounds conspiratorial. But it is not a conspiracy, it is just the logical result of giving power to people who benefit from keeping others down.

Perhaps the most under-reported story of our lifetimes is that more than a billion people have been lifted out of poverty in the past two decades. The reason? More nations have successfully embraced freedom and capitalism, and nothing reduces poverty like capitalism.

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Welcome to the Biden Police State

By Rob Meyne

  • March 7, 2024
  • 3-min read

If you want to know what it is like to live in a police state, just look around. We’re officially there.

That isn’t to say it can’t get much worse; undoubtedly it can, and it will if Biden’s nascent fascists are given four more years.

Shamefully, there are very few in the media who are willing to stand up for their free speech rights, much less yours. If it were up to the Times, the Post, and CNN, you would be silenced and shuffled off to one of the re-education camps the Hildebeast once suggested we deploy to change the way conservative Republicans think.

It is no longer debatable that our freedoms are being chipped away. The only thing that IS debatable is why don’t more people seem to care? Most people simply don’t know how bad it is; but they will when the state targets THEM.

Most air marshals, according to the Marshal’s Service, were taken off their jobs – providing security on aircraft – and deployed to follow people who just happened to be in Washington on January 6. These people are suspected of being Trump supporters but did not even go to the protest. You read that right. Federal officers are traveling the nation, following people who aren’t even suspected of a crime. If that does not remind you of the Gestapo, I don’t know what would.

One reporter who was in the Capitol, covering the event – the news – has been arrested. Why? What horrible crime did he commit? Assault? Rape? Murder? No. He is essentially charged with trespassing misdemeanors. His real “crime” seems to be that he is an honest and objective reporter trying to find the underlying cause of what happened that day. He is not charged with insurrection, terrorism, or violence of any type. He is targeted only because he was in the building doing his Constitutionally protected job.

His name is Steve Baker. He currently works for the Blaze. He was carried off in handcuffs and leg irons and taken to prison.

Importantly, on January 6, Baker did not protest, interfere with anyone, or do anything even remotely violent. When Capitol police asked him to leave, he left. For that, he is being prosecuted. In the meantime, New York Times reporters who stood at his side have not been prosecuted.

Baker has recently been reporting on the pipe bombs found at the headquarters of the Republican and Democratic National Committees. (My old office at the RNC was within 50 feet of where the pipe bomb was found.)

There are a ton of problems with the popular narrative on this. For one thing, the timers used were basic kitchen timers, which can be set for a maximum of one hour. Yet we are told they were placed the night before. What? We are to believe terrorists placed these pipe bombs and then planned on coming back the next day to set the timers. Is anyone that stupid?

Finally, consider that an FBI informant by the name of Smirnoff – not Grey Goose or Tito’s – has been charged with lying to the FBI. He has served as a trusted, paid informant for the FBI for fourteen years. They have come to respect and depend on the intelligence he has provided. So, what happened? Why did they suddenly decide he is a crook?

It is simple. He reported that he was informed by a Ukrainian businessperson that they had paid the Biden’s $10 million, 5 for Hunter and 5 for Joe. The information came from an official at Burisma, the company paying the Bidens, and for which Hunter Biden was paid for a no-show assignment.

What is the message the DOJ and FBI want to send? It is clear. They are attempting to intimidate anyone who may have information that puts Biden in a bad light. If you deliver information that is inconvenient for the fascists of the left, you can go to jail.

Christopher Steele, who was also a paid FBI informant, delivered unverifiable dirt on Trump – all of which turned out to be made up out of whole cloth – and has faced no penalty for it. Steele got secondhand rumors from Russian sources, all untrue, and the FBI used them as an excuse to spy on the Trump presidential campaign.

If liberals did not have double standards, they’d have none at all.

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Do You Really Want Socialism?

By Rob Meyne

  • Feb. 21, 2022
  • 4-min read

As we have discussed in this space, most public policy decisions involve a distinct choice between alternatives that either decrease or increase freedom for our citizens. Invariably, expensive national programs that are purported to benefit Americans do so at a high cost of reducing our freedom while increasing the size and power of government..

On a broad scale, the major policies advocated by the more conservative of U. S. political parties, the Republicans, tend to protect our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. The more leftist of the major parties, the Democrats, generally promote actions that place more power and resources in government, particularly Washington.

There are several prominent Democratic leaders and officeholders who embrace socialism and proudly claim that moniker for themselves. On the GOP side, there are none. You could hold a meeting of Republican Socialists in a phone booth (remember those?) and have room left over for an adult manatee. (In some cases, that animal might be a significant upgrade over the incumbents!)

One can argue about the extent of the ideological differences in the two parties but cannot dispute its existence. The parties are neither as similar, nor as different, as many claim. However, depending on what you value – freedom, for example – you cannot make a coherent argument there is no difference.

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Biden Wants to Change the World’s Most Successful Economic System

Rob Meyne

  • Oct. 22, 2021
  • 2-min read

Last week, White House prevaricator-in-chief, Jen Psaki, mentioned that the President wants to make “fundamental change” in our economy. She gave an air of urgency comparable to an announcement of what flavor of ice cream Biden chose. See here.

Psaki added that Biden thinks the pandemic is the perfect opportunity to launch a total rehaul of our economy. WTF? Why does that make sense? Even if one wanted to restructure the economy, why would it make sense to do it at a time when people are struggling to get jobs, earn a living, and get back to normal? It is like changing the rule in the middle of a game you are already losing.

Fundamental change? Who signed up for that? Did he campaign on that? Or anything, for that matter, on those race occasions when he ventured out of his basement?

You may remember this event from February 2. Biden wandered outside his house, saw his shadow, and that meant 2021 would be another year of incompetence and mendacity.

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To Preserve Liberty & Freedom,
Save Small Businesses

By Rob Meyne

  • Apr 8, 2021
  • 4 min read

Those who value freedom above everything but faith – and even practicing our faith requires us to be free – recognize we are at a crossroads. The current administration embraced a political platform in 2020 that is, hands down, the most anti-freedom, extreme document of its kind in U. S. history.

There is a correlation between the size, power, and role of government and the amount of personal freedom we have. The relationship is direct, clear, and inverse. A nation that is more leftist is less free. A country with a more powerful government has less freedom. A nation that is more conservative, with a smaller government, is freer. “Democratic Socialism,” like “Free Slavery,” is a contradiction in terms. There is no such thing. It is that simple.

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