We’ve Ditched Twitter – and Glad to have Done It

By J Robert Smith

  • Jun 13
  • 2 min read

Looking at the Flyover page, you may have noticed that there are headers for Twitter threads for Rob and myself. The feeds are gone. We both quit Twitter. Good riddance.

In my case, I ended my account when oddball Jack Dorsey cancelled President Trump’s account. That was the last straw. Prior to that, beginning in July 2020, my 15,500 thousand-strong account was deboosted by Twitter. I wasn’t being singled out, though.


Many tens of thousands (or more) conservatives and Trump supporters were also targeted as a runup to the November elections. In a flagrant slap at free speech, Twitter was determined to mute voices supporting President Trump. This is plainly anti-American. These lame excuses that Twitter is a private company and can do as it pleases don’t wash.

Current Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Big Tech – Twitter included – enjoys Section 230 protections, which safeguards social media from lawsuits related to content. Social media sites are supposed to be “public squares,” not publishers, who decide who posts or doesn’t post (except in instances of threats to others, etc.).

Point blank, the social media giants (Google is in that mix) need to be broken up. These imperious, anti-democratic, pro Democrats and the left platforms have no right to monopolize markets and dictate the terms of the game. Big Tech giants serve as a cartel, acting in ways that benefit members of their group to the disadvantage of start-ups and smaller players. That’s not supposed to happen in America.

We at Flyover are in the process of giving the blog a facelift. We fully intend to add new threads for Gab, most likely. Gab, Parler, MeWe, and Rumble, among others, are rising stars among freedom-loving Americans. Join them if you want your voice heard without censorship. So stay tuned.

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