What do Nordstrom’s, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry have in Common?

By J Robert Smith

  • Nov. 22, 2021
  • 2-min read

How’s that defunding and hogtying police working out, Democrats? Ask residents in the California Bay Area and Chicago for feedback. Over the weekend, there were a spate of brazen store robberies (more like gang lootings) in the City by the Bay and the Windy City, among other blue state communities.

From the Real Deal, November 22:

Brazen thieves targeted stores in four Bay Area cities, including a Walnut Creek Nordstrom’s, in a three-day spree that forced officials to restrict access to San Francisco’s Union Square.

Crowds looted and vandalized Union Square, San Francisco’s retail center, on Friday night, burglarizing Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Maxford’s Jewelry, and other high-end brands, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. They also hit cannabis dispensaries around the city Friday night, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said at a news conference on Saturday.

Better to pillage high-as-a-kite, no doubt.

From the Washington Post via the Seattle Times, November 22:

Drivers blared their horns Saturday evening as dozens of thieves carrying luggage and bags darted from a Nordstrom department store near San Francisco and hopped into cars waiting for them outside. All but three of the 80 or so looters escaped, police said.

Two store employees were assaulted, and one was pepper-sprayed by the intruders, according to officers in Walnut Creek, a city about 25 miles east of San Francisco. In a news release, police called the crime “clearly a planned event.”

Hey, if you’re gonna loot, make sure you have curb service afterward.

And, finally, this from CNN, again, November 22:

At least 14 people forced their way into a Louis Vuitton store in Oak Brook, Illinois, last week, and made off with at least $100,000 in merchandise, according to CNN affiliate WLS-TV, based on interviews with the Oak Brook Police Department.

Police told WLS the individuals rushed into the store at Oak Brook Center Mall on Wednesday, took out garbage bags and began filling them with items. Surveillance video from the store, obtained by WLS, shows the chaotic scene as the masked shoplifters pour into the store grabbing handbags and other merchandise while shoppers rush out of the way.

There’s absolutely no secret why we’re seeing a rash of robberies and looting at high-end stores in Democrat-run communities. Here’s the reason (pass it around to your Democrat relatives and friends this Thanksgiving): Lax laws, which are publicized, and cops whose hands are tied, and a whole lot of blather about downtrodden “people of color” being entitled to slices of the pie, will make for – yes, you’ve guessed it – robberies and looting. Democrats have practically invited the rabble to steal. So, what would anyone expect them to do?

The solution is to reinstitute tough laws rigorously enforced by police who enjoy the confidence of community leaders and citizens. Zero tolerance for criminality – petty or serious – needs to be the standard. Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg made those cornerstones of their administrations in New York City. The Big Apple enjoyed years of much lower crime, greater public safety, and tranquility as a result.

But Democrats are treating their cities like ancient Rome, as it rotted away and fell to vandals and barbarians in the 400s A.D.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The decadence and lawlessness in Democrat communities are choices. You can bet you Louis Vuitton handbag on it.

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