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Elections 2020: It’s Critical … We’re Keeping You Informed

Rob Meyne

  • May 14, 2020
  • 2 min read

At Flyover-Patriots.com, our mission is to encourage constructive commentary about political issues, elected officials, and the campaign environment. We do so from a conservative perspective and make no apologies for it! But we welcome thoughts from all political mindsets, providing they are factually accurate and well-intentioned. If you just want to call people names, go on MSNBC or see if you can fill in for Don Lemon! Our number one objective is to post commentary that’s interesting and, hopefully, a bit provocative. However, there is also a paucity of reliable information about individual campaigns. In particular, the dearth of solid survey information for House and Senate races can create perceptions that are very misleading. It is easy to create a “bad” poll by manipulating the sample and phrasing questions in order to get the response you want. Then, the headlines often don’t reflect the story itself.

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