NEWSFEED MONDAY: Democrats Own Black Generational Poverty

J Robert Smith

  • Jan. 20, 2020
  • 3 min read

In his 1965 “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action,” Moynihan observed that because more blacks were being born into unmarried homes, more blacks were becoming dependent on welfare to survive.

The Daily Signal, March 29, 2016


There’s an ugly truth that Democrats do everything they can to hide. Black generational poverty is a problem Democrats have perpetuated. It’s Democrats’ “progressive” policies and governance that have failed poor and disadvantaged blacks for decades. Most assuredly failed them since the 1960s.

But Democrats don’t want to own their failure. They have too much at stake politically. In this Era of Lies, Democrats excuse the generation to generation poverty that excessively afflicts blacks as the result of historic racism. If whites – and we suppose Asians, Hispanics, and Jews – weren’t relentlessly racist, poor blacks would have opportunities to break free from inner-city hellholes. It’s a classic case of projection – a very calculated case by scheming Democrats.

Democrats don’t want you to consider that most black poverty is urban, though there’s certainly black rural poverty. Black poverty is overwhelmingly concentrated in Democratic jurisdictions. Big cities have been run by Democrats for decades. The results are dismal for poor blacks. But don’t expect facts and reality to change approaches.

Blacks migrated to cities long ago to escape the real racism and apartheid that existed in the Democrat-controlled south. Per George Gilder in his classic analysis, Wealth and Poverty, blacks who went north, there largely free from welfare statism and heavy-handed government, were able to create stable communities of intact families. Black kids had working dads and moms. Churches were the center of community and cultural life. Schools educated. Poverty needn’t be a trap. Like immigrant groups, poor blacks had routes to leave poverty behind.

Then came the 1960s. Under Lyndon Johnson, progressivism was resurgent. LBJ’s Great Society poured tens of billions of dollars (in 1960s money) into inner-cities. Federal money was tied to policies changes. Either embrace liberal approaches to poverty or forget the money. Democrat-run cities were eager to take the money and the policies.

Progressivism has been a disaster for inner-city blacks, in particular. Welfare blew apart black families. Males had no obligation to take responsibility for the kids they made. As family structure disintegrated, young females went rogue, too. Illegitimacy rates soared. Girls were incentivized to have babies for welfare checks and subsidized housing. Abortion rates increased for girls done with having babies. Abortion today is disproportionately higher among blacks.

Drugs, crime, and gangs began to flourish as family life and communities collapsed and employment opportunities dried up. Public education in inner cities can’t be called education by any reasonable standard. The teachers’ unions prioritized themselves. And, again, disintegrated families made it impossible to give schools support to teach kids. Street creed began smearing poor blacks who sought to educate themselves as aspiring to be white. Today, among poor blacks, illiteracy rates are at mind-boggling Third World levels.

Why have Democrats and black elites – who are invested in city power structures along with white progressives and white powerbrokers – not changed policies and approaches to lift blacks from perpetual poverty and degradation? Two words. Power and money.

The very sinister truth is that the Democrat coalitions that run cities benefit from the generational black poor. They provide a managed and reliable bloc of votes. They justify the flow of state and federal funds into cities that pay for poverty and related programs. Those monies are controlled by Democrats – and those monies help make white and black elites affluent.

What’s needed in America’s cities is true black emancipation. The destructive game of blaming whites and non-black America needs to end. From enslavement to historically failed welfare policies, from rotted out public schools… from the drugs, crime, and gangs that are spawned because of the cancerous effects of Democratic rule and its ruinous policies – blacks must liberate themselves.

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