NEWS FEED TUESDAY: The Reasons for Nadler’s Impeachment Obsession

Old foes

J Robert Smith

  • Sept. 3, 2019
  • 2 min read

House lawmakers will return to the Capitol from a lengthy summer vacation to find that they are already in the midst of an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

They have taken no vote on the matter, but Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat, has repeatedly told federal judges in recent weeks that it’s exactly what he is doing as he investigates Mr. Trump’s behavior toward Russia and suspected efforts to thwart FBI and special counsel investigations.

— Washington Times, September 2, 2019


Jerry Nadler still wants Trump’s scalp – along with a legion of other Democrats. Nadler is doubling down on his impeachment pursuit. Trouble is, there’s nothing to impeach the president about. Nadler’s underlying effort is aimed at fatally damaging Trump ahead of the 2020 elections.

Trump never, ever, colluded with the Russians. That was a fraud created by Democrats. It’s part of a conspiracy that very likely reached into the Oval Office with Barack Obama. It involved higher ups at the DOJ, FBI, and CIA. It was a sinister ploy to destroy Trump’s election chances. Hillary had to win. The ends justified the means. Collusion? It happened among these players and the Clinton campaign. When that failed, Democrats doubled down on the “hoax” to scuttle a duly elected president.

The Mueller investigation was supposed to be the silver bullet. The former FBI director’s lengthy and expensive investigation turned up… nothing. Now, Nadler wants to get Trump on obstruction charges. That’s as absurd as claiming that Trump was a tool of Putin’s. Nadler’s efforts are a thinly veiled attempt to railroad an honest man.

Why are Nadler and Democrats obsessing on bringing about Trump’s downfall?

First, a naked lust for power. Trump has it and Democrats covet it. Trump is using presidential power expertly to reshape U.S. politics. That threatens Democrats conviction that a new progressive era is dawning – save for the obstacles: Trump and his multitude of “Deplorables.”

Second, never-out-of-fashion conceit. Democrats/left are supposed to be the smartest, most sophisticated, wiliest political players on Planet Earth. No way their gambits come to naught.

Third, as mentioned, saner Democrats really don’t expect to impeach Trump. It’s a great way to keep base voters riled and the small-dollar donations flowing. It serves the central goal of dusting up the president so he’s unelectable.

Add to this stew that Nadler has been feuding with Trump for decades in NYC. Most of the fighting had to do with high-dollar development issues there.

Will the Democrats succeed in waylaying Trump? The bet is no. Trump is every inch the fighter he billed himself as. He’s a cagier pol then the career politicians he’s up against. If Democrats did impeach Trump, the politics of it would smash their election chances up and down the ballot next year. Hubris is, well, a bitch.

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