Quit Doing What We’re Doing!

Rob Meyne

  • Oct. 12, 2019
  • 3 min read

We’ve discussed in these pages that one way to understand Democratic strategies is by looking at the concept of “projection.” Discussed here, projection, although there is a lot more to it, is a process by which people tend to see qualities, both good and bad, in others that may not be accurate and may also be present in themselves. Put another way, the other guy always looks like he is guilty of whatever you are.

You think your kid is being illogical, when maybe you are; you think your wife is irritable, but actually you are; you think Chuck Schumer is an honorable and principled person, but… wait a minute. Bad example. No one ever thinks that.

One reason many on the left constantly accuse conservatives of being racists is those on the left see everyone through a lens of race and gender. They see people’s race first and thus assume that others do.

Which brings us to Ukraine and the lying liars who lie about it.

We know that elements in Ukraine tried to help the Hildebeast in her campaign, as discussed here in the Politico. According to reporting in the Hill by John Solomon, the Ukrainian embassy has confirmed that the DNC, in 2016, approached them for help digging up “dirt” on Trump. As has also been reported, there are Ukranians who have been judged to have illegally helped Hillary in the 2016 election. Some of the information that was funneled out of Ukraine dealt with Paul Manafort, and it played a role in his getting indicted.

So, knowing everything they do is driven by political concerns, Democrats assume everything Trump does is as well. A request, that is completely appropriate, to ask another nation to continue working with the DOJ to investigate corruption in our system and interference in the 2016 election, gets interpreted, and reported, as Trump asking for help on the election. That’s what they do, so they assume Trump does it. Yet, in any world where words still have meaning, the Trump call contained no requests for election assistance. Period. Yet nearly every comment from a Democrat leader and story by a major media outlet describes the discussion as a request for the Ukraine to interfere in our election.

The Ukranian president has even said there was no pressure brought on him, and did not even know at the time of his phone call with Trump that U. S. aid was being withheld.

The Ukraine is investigating corruption in their country, where illegal acts were intended to benefit Hillary and the DNC. It is mind-numbing that his political enemies are attacking Trump for supporting an existing probe, by an ally, into corruption in their country involving U. S. citizens. Yet, as discussed by CBS, the lamestream media promotes lies by presuming to know the motivations behind the actions of another. They describe the President’s efforts as encouraging interference in the 2020 elections. Clearly, they are not requests for election interference. (In fact, most Republicans think Biden is more beatable than some of the alternatives.)

In addition, of course, a cynic might say that if they quit nominating corrupt people they might not get investigated so much. If you want to say the same about the GOP, go ahead. No one has prevented investigations of Trump. The problem is when such zealousness is entirely one-sided. The Democratic Party leadership remains committed to investigating all of the potential corruption that can be blamed on the GOP. And nothing else.

One should not be surprised that a major political party is acting out of pure political self-interest. But we should not expect so many average Americans, the mainstream media, and anti-Trump forces from both parties to enable it.

Those calling for investigations of Trump, while ignoring the evidence of corruption on their side, can’t be taken seriously and have no moral standing. The bottom line: there is overwhelming proof that Ukraine interfered in 2016, did so with the support and at the request of the DNC, and the treaty between our countries requires us to cooperate on investigating it. If that bothers the anti-Trump media and the Dems, they can put on their big girl panties and just get over it. No side should be immune from investigation, and that includes Joe Biden. If he doesn’t like it, he ought to think twice next time before bragging on video about committing a potential crime. Just a thought.

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