SPECIAL: Abolish the Democratic Party

J Robert Smith

  • June 25, 2020
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Updated: June 27, 2020

I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.

Fredrick Douglass, BrainyQuote


BLM and ANTIFA backed mobs are doing their level best to tear down America. It’s an ongoing project under the guise of moral outrage. Portraits and statues of long dead Confederates are the offenders. And, increasingly, non-rebel historic figures, like U.S. Grant and George Washington, among other founders. Images of the Europeanized Jesus and stained glass windows are up next. The white-skinned portrayal of Jesus makes him an eternal racist and slaveholder, intimates BLM savants.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party stands placidly intact. Odd, isn’t it, that the living reminder of slavery, KKK terror, and Jim Crow (the Southern version of apartheid) goes unscathed? No mobs are gathering at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC to burn it to the ground – or even spray paint it with vile words.

The mobs would have a lot of justification rioting for the cancellation of the historic party of slavery and racism in America. The considerable pain and suffering inflicted on blacks wasn’t just the ancient Democratic Party’s turf, but it’s the modern party’s, too.

The white-dominated, progressive Democratic Party of the last 60 years has done more harm to poor blacks than any other institution in the country. LBJ’s Great Society was a big, fat dud. It was white progressive paternalism – and political manipulation – on an AOC adrenaline rush.

When narratives aimed at gaining political advantages take precedent, facts and reality go to the back of the bus.

Democrats, the left, and the mainstream media work hard to convince us that the party that now spurns Thomas Jefferson (slaveholder and keeper of a negress concubine) and Andrew Jackson (slaveholder with no reported slave lovers) magically transformed in the 1960s. Goes the party line, Democrats found the true religion of kumbaya, racial equality, and black advancement. That’s true to the extent that Democrats have gone from abject oppression of blacks to paternalistic manipulation.

Lyndon Johnson, ever the scheming cynic, appreciated the Civil Rights movement as a demonstration project: blacks could be a potent force politically. Co-opting black America gave Democrats a voting bloc, which over time, became a near monolith. Johnson’s aforementioned Great Society opened the money spigots. An estimated $22 trillion have been spent on poverty programs since the mid-1960s. But to little avail, except for white and black Democrat elites – many corrupt – in mostly urban jurisdictions. They’ve benefited handsomely from Uncle Sam’s profligacy.

All the while, disadvantaged blacks wallow in hopelessness. Public schools in distressed black communities are worse than warehouses for often illegitimate – mostly fatherless – kids. Truancy rates are eye-popping. Illiteracy may not surpass slave days, but comes damn close. Welfare is like heroin among poor blacks, who are hooked in the Twilight Zone of generational poverty. Crime is rampant in gritty precincts in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Newark, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and a dreary, long list of other cities.

For all the nonstop babble about compassion, equality, and fairness, Democrat-run cities operate more like fiefdoms. Disadvantaged blacks are a contemporary peasantry. They’re charged by Democrats with producing votes. They’re body counts in the numbers racket necessary to keep the flow coming of federal and state dollars. In exchange, this peasantry are thrown crumbs from the Democrats’ tables.

Why do we suffer Democrats’ false claims, repeated ad nauseum, that the dreadful predicament of poor blacks is the result of “400 years of racism?” Why do we tolerate this conflict-causing, self-serving spin? Why do we permit Democrats to offload their sins on us?

Urban blacks who rioted, burned, and looted in Minneapolis and elsewhere are indoctrinated. They’ve heard the same refrain since childhood: “America – less enlightened progressive whites – oppresses us. We’re victims. We’re owed, so pay up.” That rationale is a two-fer: it amounts to a shakedown and absolves the lawlessness and violence we’re seeing in cities. An endemically racist culture deserves comeuppances, anyway. That mobs are destroying and pillaging their own communities doesn’t seem to register on the dumb scale. Destruction in one’s own community is a form of orgiastic suicide.

What do the mayhem and destruction in Democrat redoubts point to? It all points to misdirected expressions of black rage. The rabble’s overlords have given them a strawman to brutalize. It’s a cynical dodge that’s worked for decades. It’s kept the pitchforks and torches away from Democrat elites’ gated communities and secure buildings.

Heaven help Democrats and the left if – or when – downtrodden blacks awaken to the stark reality that, as with slavery, they’ve been exploited, and not by the white folk in the ‘burbs. But by those who purport to be their protectors and champions… who, rather than misstepping by proclaiming racial superiority, came this time in the guise of helpers. Evil often masquerades.

The Democratic Party, from its inception forward, is a long trail of tears. From chattel slavery to KKK terrorism to repressive Jim Crow to the captivity of welfare statism, blacks have been used and oppressed. Margret Sanger, a hero to white progressives, was an unapologetic eugenicist and racist. Abortion was first a means of suppressing minority – primarily black – populations. Today, in New York City, more black babies are aborted than are born. But we don’t see righteous mobs descending on abortion clinics.

The train of insults and injuries inflicted by Democrats on the black race dates back to their party’s inception. The American experiment as “one nation under God” has suffered grievous offenses from Democrats throughout its history. For them, all men have never been created equal.

Take down all the statues of Robert E. Lee. Shred the last remaining Confederate dollar bill. Send Jefferson and Jackson packing. Erase history, Soviet-style. But the living reminder of black oppression prowls among us daily. The cunning wolf, long cloaked in sheep’s clothing, is the Democratic Party. For the betterment and health of the nation, once and for all, abolish it.

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