Dems Object to Racism Only When It Benefits Them

Rob Meyne

  • July 4, 2020
  • 3 min read

Although many voters would like to have more palatable choices November 3, we know how the field for this contest will be striped. But there are interesting wild cards that could make an already unpleasant year even worse. Or better. Let’s look at a few today, with more to come.

– Biden is weak and not up to the task. The campaign is following a “less is more” strategy. If he could hide in his basement for four more months, not even exiting long enough to see his shadow, they’d consider it ideal. The more voters learn about Biden the less they like him. Former VA Governor Terry MacAuliffe, one of the Clinton’s leading bag men, discussed it in a call with supporters.

– There is still a good chance the Democrats will dump Biden like a bucket of week-old fish entrails. Which isn’t a bad metaphor, although a bit insensitive to fish entrails. Biden has so many flaws it is astonishing he has managed to float to the top. Biden has always been known for saying dumb things, but this cycle has been bad even by his own minimal standards. He can’t remember where he is, for what office he is running, or which woman standing on either side of him is his wife and which is his sister. That could become problematic at Thanksgiving.

– Biden announced they would not be holding rallies because of Covid. They didn’t mention the real reason, to wit, that Biden can’t draw flies, much less crowds. The next time a large, enthusiastic crowd is entranced by a Biden speech will also be the first time.

– Don’t count on debates. It says here that Biden and his flying monkeys will find a way not to debate. They will offer some excuse, like the virus, or some other insincere reason. It’s doubtful they’ll just say, “We can’t debate because our nominee has the intellectual heft and verbal ability of a thimble full of e-coli.” It is hard to imagine how Biden could get through ninety minutes without a potty break and cardiac paddles. When debates are not your forte, you shy away from them. Don’t count on seeing him on that stage yet.

– If Democratic leadership really cared about black voters, they would not ignore racism in their own ranks. But they have shown repeatedly they pretend to care about racial problems when, and only when, they can use them as a rallying cry to blame police, the GOP, or other American institutions. Sen. Byrd was essentially the founder of the KKK in West Virginia. There are monuments to him, buildings named after him, and he is still highly revered by the Dem leadership. Their insincerity could not be clearer. They use black Americans as a means to hold onto power. Now, if you can believe survey data, a surprisingly high number of black voters approve of Trump’s performance. If those numbers translate into votes, it will be a death knell for the Democrats, as they need, and usually get, nearly all of the black vote to win.

– Riddle: standing on the street corner you see Donald Trump, The Loch Ness Monster, a Yeti, and a legitimate journalist. Which one is real? Trump. The others are mythical characters. If – big “if” – any journalist was to look into the corruption of the Biden family with the intensity that they look at everything the president does, Biden would drop like a rock in the polls.

– And Biden has never been held accountable for his own racist comments. If somehow, he was, it could finally cash his check all around. For example, he feared integration would cause his children to go to school in a racist jungle. He said you can’t go to a 7-11 without dealing with an Indian accent. He said Barack Obama was fresh, new, and different because he was well-spoken and clean. He even remarked that poor kids are as smart as white kids. If any Republican said any of those things they would be finished.

If you ever needed evidence that Democratic outrage over Trump’s alleged racism was phony, there you have it. They object to racism when, and only when, it helps them keep or attain power. If you don’t understand now, we can’t help you.

Biden is ahead, but he also has serious, intractable problems we will be hearing more about in the months ahead. Stay tuned.

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