NEWSFEED MONDAY: Democrats Destroy Everything They Touch. Really.

J Robert Smith

  • Nov. 4, 2019
  • 3 min read

Updated: Nov. 5, 2019

State agencies are moving in to clean up Austin, Texas after the capital city became a magnet for homeless vagrants, due to laws allowing people to camp out on the streets.

Fox News, November 4, 2019

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his political allies claim climate change is driving California’s increasingly intense and deadly wildfires.

That’s nearly true. Climate change assumptions drive the state’s energy and environmental policies. This has resulted in people being killed in terrible wildfires, electrical blackouts to millions of people causing $5 billion so far in lost economic activity, all while diverting limited resources to a fool’s errand.

The Federalist, October 30, 2019

At least 25 people were shot, seven fatally, over the weekend in Democrat-controlled Chicago.

Breitbart, September 16, 2019


Regardless the area of human affairs, Democrats have developed a knack for destroying what they touch. That knack hasn’t happened over night. It’s been decades in the making. What we’re seeing nowadays is the Democrats very destructive worldview in practice as it reaches a zenith. Or maybe not. If we aren’t at the pinnacle of Democrats’ destructiveness, its chilling to contemplate the future.

You may think that I’m exaggerating… just partisan hyperbole. Let’s start a list. Then judge for yourself. Add to the list. Let’s address five big areas where Democrats are destroyers. Here goes…

1. Once great American cities, laboring under decades of Democratic rule, suffer high crime rates, generational poverty – particularly among blacks – public schools that fail to educate, higher rates of drug and alcohol addictions, exploding homelessness, spreading filthy streets… White liberal elites are allied with urban black establishments to dominate cities for power and money. Big city corruption is endemic. Police are increasingly discounted and disrespected. Laws against property crimes and theft have been relaxed. The affluent live in gated communities and secure buildings. A sample of really dangerous Democrat-run cities: Detroit, Chicago, St, Louis, Washington, DC, Bronx, New York, Newark, L.A., San Francisco. Bad and getting worse, Portland, Seattle, Austin – and more.

2. New York State, run by Governor Andrew Cuomo and a Democratic legislature, is experiencing a $2.3 billion tax shortfall this year. Why? Cuomo blames Trump and Congress for reforming the tax code. But the truth is more productive New Yorkers are leaving the state. They’re taking their incomes and, often, their businesses with them. New York is a high tax and reg state. New Yorkers know there are better qualities of life elsewhere, so they’re voting with their feet.

3. Abortion. Remember when Bill Clinton famously said that abortion needed to be “safe, legal, and rare?” Not anymore. Killing a baby in the womb was always infanticide. But today’s Democrats are breaking their old boundaries. Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says that life doesn’t begin until a baby’s “first breath.” Following Buttgieg’s logic, that means late term abortion is okay – okay right up to a baby’s first breath. What reasonable person believes that a baby a minute prior to being born and drawing his or her first breath isn’t really a baby with full human rights? A disproportionate number of abortions are among minorities – Hispanics and blacks, two constituencies that Democrats count on the most for support. Go figure.

4. Healthcare. Barack Obama and congressional Democrats rammed through “Obamacare” on a straight party line vote in 2009. Obamacare, by any fair measure, has been a colossal failure. But this foray into government-run healthcare and its consequent failure hasn’t discouraged Democrats. To the contrary. Now Elizabeth Warren and most every other Democrat wants even greater control of healthcare. Warren’s plan – “Medicare for All” – would destroy healthcare as we know it, drive up costs, impose rationing, skyrocket taxes, and wreck Medicare for seniors. It would drive millions of health insurance employees into unemployment. That’s just for starters. Democrats aren’t just doubling down on failure, they want to create failure on a magnitude not yet seen.

5. Illegals. Democrats are for open borders, for all intents and purposes. Years ago, Democrats correctly realized that they’d never achieve the sort of political dominance they craved relying on the votes of American citizens. They decided to import supporters and votes. Hence, the explosion of illegals entering the U.S. with Democrats facilitating their coming. Yes, Democrats have allied with business interests that benefit from cheap labor. The Kochs are conspicuous open borders champions. And with Republicans who do the bidding of big business cheap labor beneficiaries. But the Democrats are the big winners. Illegals mostly settle in Democratic jurisdictions and give Democrats the support they expect in exchange for illegals being here and taking taxpayer-financed social services.

That’s a start. Let’s quickly add that Democrats are increasingly anti-faith. Antisemitism grows on the left. Hostility to Christianity is growing steadily too. Judeo-Christianity underpins our liberty and our republican government. Isolating and marginalizing faith imperils freedom.

So, you see, Democrats really do destroy everything they touch.

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