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The Left and Democratic Leaders Have Given Up On Equal Opportunity


  • July 17, 2021
  • 3 min read

Our social and political environment is changing so quickly and dramatically it would have been unthinkable even a year ago. Every conservative who cautioned that the left is assaulting our freedom, championing censorship, and supporting racist policies has been proven correct. It is no longer deniable.
It’s Official – Liberal/Progressive Democrats Are America’s Fascists. And they aren’t even subtle about it.

For many years, those of us who engage in political discourse on a regular basis, and lean to the conservative side, have been accused of being reactionary. Unfortunately, our predictions that the Biden Administration will govern from the extreme left have been proven true. It didn’t take them long.

We have reached an inflection point. It is official: the leadership of America’s leftist Party has completely abandoned any pretense of supporting freedom, equality, or fairness. They have become the personification of a new socialist fascism and they no longer even pretend to favor equality of opportunity.
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If His Lips Are Moving, He Is Lying

Dr. Anthony Fauci

By Rob Meyne

  • Jun 4, 2021
  • 4 min read

How many times do we need to learn this lesson? When an important story hits the news, our first impressions are often wrong. Sometimes, it takes months for full and accurate information to come to light. This is especially true if it is a politically charged story involving partisan discord.

The situation has been exacerbated by the willingness of social media outlets to censor information. Also culpable is the mainstream media, as they have largely abandoned of any pretense of objectivity. Most major media outlets today openly champion one political viewpoint or another, and few even make an effort to appear unbiased.
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The Inflation Bombs are Falling

By J Robert Smith

  • May 4, 2021
  • 4 min read

Here’s the line coming from the very big brains out of DC and Wall Street: Inflation worries are… inflated. The economy is rebounding – in fact, beginning to surge (thanks to former President Donald Trump’s economic recovery policies, but don’t expect the establishment to give him any props). Hence, with demand climbing, supply chains are being hard-pressed. Higher demand + crimped supply = higher costs. But, no worries, that’s only a short-term phenomenon. Once supply catches up to – or exceeds – demand, costs will level off and decline.

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