Our Liberty versus their Tyranny: Two Articles Worth Reading

Don’t surrender your freedom to “experts” and politicians

J Robert Smith

  • Aug. 10, 2021
  • 4 min read

This afternoon, I’m recommending two articles for you to read.

One is by Daniel Horowitz at The Blaze. (Horowitz: No, this is not an epidemic of the unvaccinated)

It’s a deeper dive into COVID vaccinations possible impact on individual and public health. Horowitz’s analysis is thoughtful and strongly sourced, as always.

Boiled down, the question is simple: Have widely implemented vaccine regimens spurred the creation of Covid variants, which may not be as potent as “Alpha Covid” (the original strain), but, nonetheless, highly infectious? Or is this more the result of subsequent strains of a virus moderating to survive as “herd immunity” takes hold?

In a nutshell, the concern is that the vaccines are inferior to natural immunities. They incompletely inhibit and defeat the Covid virus, which finds ways of adapting in order to circumvent the vaccines limited protections.

Also, there are questions about the duration of efficacy – or how long an inoculation will protect the recipient from the virus. The concern is that the vaccines have much shorter durations for protection than naturally acquired immunities.

Read Horowitz’s excellent analysis here: No, this is not an epidemic of the unvaccinated.

Second is an article by David Solway at PJ Media. (Will We Resist Institutional Fraud or Submit to the Ruling Class?) It, too, is a deeper dive, so pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and read away.

The column’s headline sums up Solway’s concern: “Will We Resist Institutional Fraud or Submit to the Ruling Class?”

Solway makes the point that too many Americans – and peoples across the Western World – have been eager to surrender their liberties for supposed security against Covid. Solway’s point is borne out by multitudes accepting mask mandates, lockdowns, and now vaccine edicts largely unquestioningly. Not only are the elites who are imposing these strictures denouncing and/or cancelling dissenters, but average folk all too eager to follow doing so, too.

In truly free nations, dissent is not merely tolerated, but welcomed. Opposing opinions and points of views are means of validating prevailing perspectives or discrediting them. Free peoples invite this sort of scrutiny as means of creating solid public policies and keeping societies pointing true north. Truth, as best as it can be obtained, is arrived at though the push-and-pull dynamic of free expression of ideas and criticism.

Further, beyond Solway’s argument, the Covid pandemic should prove a life lesson to us all.

When we let ignorance and fear rule, we’re susceptible manipulation and control by others – in this case political and cultural elites – who do so to cynically accrue power at the expense of our God-given rights.

The responsibility of free people is to educate themselves so that they can make informed decisions on matters vital to their lives and the life of their society. Simply relying on “experts” and politicians to inform us and tell us what we must do is a recipe for abuse.

Solway also makes much of the sheer corruption of the elite throughout American society today (and throughout the West, I might add). I’ve been arguing for a while that we live in the most corruption-riddled age in American history.

Ceding authority over our lives to these comprised elites risks our liberties and even our very lives.

Solway’s superb analysis can be found here: Will We Resist Institutional Fraud or Submit to the Ruling Class?

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